How To Treat Vaginal Cysts


Vaginal Cysts

Where the sexual health of a woman is concerned, she needs to take utmost care of the sexual organs which are highly sensitive and prone to infections and other illnesses. One of the most prevalent problems that have been detected in the past few decades is that of vaginal cysts. In simple terms, we can define this health ailment as little pods that form in the vaginal areas and its walls. These sacs also contain liquid within or even semi-solid stuff. However, researches have shown that a lot of women do not even show signs and symptoms of vaginal cysts.

This is because these cysts are painless and you don’t even get to know that it has been formed in the area. Though you can feel it if you observe and touch the area carefully. A professional can only confirm whether you are suffering from it or not. However, once you know that you are going through the problem, it is always better to start updating your knowledge about the treatment procedures. There are definitely effective medications and ointments available for cysts in the market that your doctor will prescribe but you can also go through this sex health guide for the topmost solutions.

Treatments And Solutions For Cysts In The Vagina

1. Get To The Root Of The Problem

Knowing the cause of the cyst will help you know what kind of sac it is. The treatment of the cysts will completely depend upon the type. There are many types in which you need not bother about any kind of treatment and just leave it alone and on the other hand some cysts need surgery as a treatment. This will solely depend upon the nature of the sac.

2. Adhere To Proper Hygiene

A healthy lifestyle and maintaining proper hygienic and cleanliness methods is required if you want to get rid of cysts. Good hygiene will help you trigger the treatment procedure even if it can’t cure the ailment completely. For fulfilling this aspect you need to make sure you have safe sex and convince your partner to use protection.

Also, keep the vaginal area dry and clean to avoid all kinds of infections in the cysts. Unhealthy genital area can worsen the condition. Use mild and non-fragranced soaps for the purpose. Using pads for periods is a better option than tampons that can cause abrasion of the cysts.

3. Surgery As The Permanent Solution

Proper hygiene and safe sex can help you in keeping the problem under control but the only permanent solutions to get freedom from vaginal cysts in to opt for surgery. Surgical options are good for cysts that become a cause for pain in the area. A lot of you might be experiencing difficulties during sexual intercourse as well. Surgery for vaginal cysts does not consume much of your time and can be done at the doctor’s clinic itself. All it needs is local anesthesia. Along with these treatment suggestions, make sure you get a regular check up done to make sure there is no increase in the size of the cyst and neither any other changes. A growing cyst can always be a cause of worry.

4. The Benefit Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil not only has a cooling effect but also packed with anti-fungal properties. Rubbing tea tree oil in the area can actually work very well on the vaginal cysts especially for those who have been detected with Bartholen’s Cysts. Apply everyday to see visible results in a couple of days.

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5. Medications

There are a lot of medications that if consumed with a particular dose can help you cure the vaginal cysts. Consult your doctor for the same and ask them for the perfect medicine for your problem. They will help you out.


6. A Warm Soak

A 15 minute warm water soak can also help in keeping the cyst from growing and gradually treating them without much of an effort. It also helps you get some relief from any kind of pain or discomfort that you might be going through. Bartholen’s cyst is one of those types that can bring a lot of uncomfortable symptoms with it. Follow this method everyday and if possible 2-3 times. This will speed up the outcomes for you.

7. Eat Well

Eating a balanced and nutrient packed diet has always helped people to maintain a healthy and fit body free from ailments. If you really want to treat vaginal cysts and its infection include vitamin rich foods in the meals.

Some foods good enough to keep the vagina healthy includes flaxseeds, fennel salad, beets, yoghurt, granola and more.