How To Treat Hyperthyroidism With A Diet

Treat Hyperthyroidism With A Diet In the situation that you are a patient of hyperthyroidism, it is likely that you are already on medication for the condition, and are already taking most necessary precautions to cure the condition.

Although medication, homeopathy and alternative medicine are some of the ways to cure hyperthyroidism, a reliable way to keep hyperthyroidism in check and even reverse its progress is to follow a strict diet that allows your body to cure its own ailment. We list here five things about your diet that you should take care of if you suffer from hyperthyroidism.

Diet Treatment For  Hyperthyroidism


If you’re allergic to any food items like soya beans, preservatives of any kind, milk products or food additives, get yourself checked to confirm any suspicions and stay away from all food items that cause allergies.

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Allergens in the body are known to cause excessive secretion of the thyroid hormone and that is exactly what we want to avoid. Not getting exposed to allergens reduces the risk of excess thyroid secretion and reduces the risk of the condition aggravating it.

Vitamin B and Iron

Try to eat foods which are rich in B-vitamins. The B group of vitamins serve to regulate the functions of numerous glands in the body, one of them being the thyroid. Whole grains, fresh green vegetables, and sea vegetables provide ample quantities of the B-vitamins and also iron. Iron is found in the thyroid gland and helps in controlling both the excess and the insufficient secretion of the thyroid hormone.


Eat antioxidant fruits and drinks. Green tea is known to have very high antioxidant properties. Fruits like blueberries and cherries are also rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants serve to reduce and reverse cell damage caused by free ionic entities in the body.

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This action can be used to reduce the action of the excess thyroid hormone in the bloodstream. Iron is also responsible for the proper regulation of the thyroid glands function causing reduction in the secretion of the thyroid hormone.


Reduce intake of red meats and compensate by increasing intake of lean meat. Beef, pork, and numerous types of processed meats cause imbalances in the functions of many glands and the thyroid appears to be one of the most vulnerable. Try lean meats like chicken and fish. Cold water fish has none of the effects on the thyroid like red meat. So it acts as a good substitute for hyperthyroid patients who are strictly off the red meat diet.

Fat, Alcohol, And Tobacco

Trans-fat, found in most baked foods as well as processed fried foods is unhealthy for the body of even a normal individual. They interfere with the functioning of the thyroid gland and may aggravate both hyperthyroidism as well as the opposite condition. Alcohol and tobacco are also well-known agents which interfere with the proper, regulated functioning of the glands in the body and must be avoided if you’re a patient of hyperthyroidism.


Hyperthyroidism increases the body’s rate of metabolism and if not checked, can cause the malfunctioning of numerous body parts, both internal and external. Proper dietary measures and medication can easily control hyperthyroidism.

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