How To Tone Your Belly And Lose Weight With Different Exercises

Bicep Exercises For Women Loosing weight is not easy, especially around the belly. A diet will help, but only exercises can tone those muscles around the abs.

What you need to do is warm up and then do tummy toning exercises along with some cardio to shed that belly fat. Do remember that you should not workout on the belly all days of the week, else the muscles will stop responding or get over tired. Do these on alternative days for best results. Here are some simple and yet effective exercises that can help you in the same.

Some Simple And Yet Effective Exercises

Pilate Warm Up Exercise

For practicing the challenging and tougher exercises practiced later on, these exercises are necessary as they prepare the body for safe execution.


Your body has to be warmed up for preparing it for upcoming challenges as one cannot start from the end directly. Therefore, these Pilates exercises are done.

Chest Lift

This is not a crunch as the lower abdomen is where they exert pressure. A smooth and slow curl up and roll down is conducted while the abdominals are in a deep scoop by being pulled down.

The Hundred

The whole abdominal is the muscular focus here. To ensure that pressure is felt, the lower abdomen has to be pulled deeply.


For breathing into the lower ribs and back, full lung capacity has to be used. Hold yourself up with your back. Pressure should not be exercised from shoulders and neck as they can get hurt.

The Roll Up

For rolling up and down with definitive control, people have to use your abdomen. Avoid folding your knees and lifting your leg off the mat. This exercise aids in mind concentration and applies considerable pressure on your abdomen.

One Leg Circle

Each leg has to be lifted individually at 90 degree. Don’t bend your knee. The legs are moving so the pelvic is kept straight by the abdominals.

One Leg Circle

No rocking or rolling is to be done. These exercises focus on hip flexors, thighs and abdominals.

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Roll Like A Ball

Supported roll back should be done if not been done before. Shines have to be kept above the ankle while sitting on the mat. You have to deep your abdomen, wide your back and drop your shoulder.

Your spine will curve nicely this way. You have to balance on and lift your feet off the mat. Start rolling after pulling the lower abs in. Instead of your neck, roll onto your shoulders.

Open Leg Balance

Feet have to be brought towards the body after sitting on your bones and keeping your knees apart. Use your arms to grasp your ankles. Special attention should be given for lifting the lower abs, abdomen should be pulled in and shoulders should be dropped.

Open Leg Balance exercise

First extend one leg and only extend the other one when the first is stabilized. Don’t go too far, but you can rock behind the sit bone. Hamstring and abdomen should be pressurized.

The Side Kick Series

Lie in a straight alignment on your side. For keeping the neck and back in alignment, life the ribs away from the mat and place your head over your hands. Keep the palm of your front hand firmly on the mat.

Push your legs forward ahead of your hips and then rotate them away from the hips slightly. Thigh and abdomen is where pressure is exerted, particularly the inner thigh.

Front Plank/Support

The core strength is developed by this exercise. From earns to heel, you have to be in one line. The upper body has to be focused.

Front Plank exercise

The exercise becomes easier when you imagine squeezing the sit bones and keep the legs engaged.


Turn to your sides and keep your hips level and anchored. Energy has to be extended from back hand for reaching forward. The major areas focused upon include back stretch, inner thighs, hamstrings and oblique abdominals.