How To Stop Your Menstrual Cycle

How To Stop Your Menstrual Cycle Menstrual cycle is a very natural process which we ladies go through every month. It has become a part and parcel of our daily life. Generally menstrual cycle is accompanied by heavy bleeding and many other bothering symptoms like cramps and back pain. Thus, sometimes we feel like stopping the process as this interferes with our travelling plans, religious occasions, get together etc.

making us uncomfortable. Some may like to stop it permanently and some may want to delay it for few hours or few days. We would never like to interfere in any kind of natural process, specially my bodily process. But there are few unavoidable situations when we need to take measures to avoid the inconvenience.

We always seek advice from our friends and old aged experienced people in such kind of issues. Sometimes, we really find them very useful and sometimes may not. But it is always better to opt for tested and safe options suggested by our known ones. Here, I would list down few tested tricks which could help you stop your menstrual cycle.

Tips To Stop Menstrual Cycle


It is a very tasteless but rapid remedy to stop your menstrual cycle within half an hour for minimum 4 to 6 hours. You just need to get it from your grocery shop and mix the packet in a glassful of water and stir it nicely. Drink it as soon as possible before it settles down. You may feel like puking as it tastes awful but it is 100% safe. It is a tested and full proof way to get rid of your menstruation, though temporarily.

Bathing And Drinking Water

This process will stop your menstrual cycle temporarily for few hours and if not so then definitely it will slow it down to a large extent. You should take a long cool bath followed by intake of lots of water and juices.

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This process works for me. As soon as the body cools down, the bleeding stops for few hours making the period very light and bearable.


Vinegar may not be able to stop your menstrual cycle completely but will definitely make it very light. Mix 2 to 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in one glass of drinking water. You can consume the mixture for two to three times in a day while you are in your menstrual cycle. This will give you few hours’ relief from the same and if not, then it will definitely reduce your bleeding making it very light.


This is the oldest trick which our grandmothers used to follow. My grandmother suggested me this trick when I needed to go to a marriage and I was due for my period. In this method you just need to suck pieces of lemon in regular intervals all through the day.

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It had worked for me then. My menstrual cycle was delayed for 2 days. Thus I can assure you that it will work for you as well. If you are in your cycle then this process will make it very light.

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It is a medicine used to get relief of pain but works wonder in stopping menstrual cycle. If you are thinking to stop your menstrual cycle for a few days for a planned occasion, then you need to start taking it two weeks prior. This will delay your menstrual cycle for few days.

During your cycle, you can have one tablet in every 6 hours which is the maximum dosage for a single day. Make sure that you take it in full stomach. If you follow this then you can have a period free day. I would suggest you to consult a doctor as well before taking full dose of Ibuprofen. Do not go for this every time as medicines always have side effects.

Contraceptive Pills

It is one of the full proof ways generally suggested by doctors. Doctors prescribe very light contraceptive pills which are meant to stop menstrual cycles for few days. In this option you have to consult your doctor. Contraceptive dosages can be taken in the form of injections as well. But I would suggest you to go for the oral consumption process.

Birth Control Pills

These pills should be taken before the menstrual cycle which you do not wish to have. Once you stop taking them, you will have your regular cycles. Companies claim they are safe for us, but I personally would not recommend you. Doctor’s consultation is must.


This process is the extreme option. Doctors refer this when the case is of excess bleeding due to some kind of medical complication. In this case the uterus is completely removed from the body due to which your menstrual cycle will stop permanently.

In this case you will be able to become pregnant. This is the permanent way to get rid of your menstrual cycles all through your life.
Hope the above methods will help you to live the day comfortably without any inconvenience due to menstrual cycle. Enjoy!