How To Select A Suitable Body Scrub

How To Select A Suitable Body Scrub The tempting smell at the cosmetic counter sometimes turn us blind, then we start pulling out many products which are actually not required. Most of the time we even spend on things that really don’t suit us either. Same is the matter that happens with most of us when we go to purchase a body scrub suitable for our body. With the widest of varieties to be chosen from, we actually have no knowledge of the proper ingredient that we are looking for.So before taking a chance lets get to know more about the scrubs or exfoliaters.

Exfoliaters work to shed off the flaky and dead skin found on the topmost layer of our body.It also helps in removing the sebum and dirt accumulated on the skin. Dead skin prevent the required oxygen, nutrients, moisture and vitamins from reaching the skin surface.

Our body’s regular mechanism sheds the dead skin but manual scrubbing atleast 3 to 4 times a week fastens this phenomenon and ensures healthy skin rejuvenation to reveal glowing fresh skin.

Most of us exfoliate the skin as a part of the beauty regime but forget to exfoliate our body. Most of them think about wasting the expensive scrubs on the body as a whole but for them other than the expensive ones found on the counter, scrubs could also be made easily at home.

Scrubs are available in cream, whipped cream, foam, powder, packs and even gloves. All does the same thing but depends on your choice of which to choose. Creams are suited for dry and dehydrated skin whereas foams and packs are suited for oily and acne prone skin. Fragrance-free powders are recommended for sensitive skin.

Scrubbing gloves can be used either for all the skintypes but proper hygeine is to be maintained after each usage. If you are blessed with an allergy free skin then you have the choice to choose for yourself depending on the ease of using them. There are different types of scrubs available in the market, let see some of the basic ingredients used in them and their functions

Tips For Selecting A Suitable Body Scrub

Sugar Scrubs

Sugar been very sweet, moves much beyond that taste in the case of exfoliation. Sugar scrubs are considered to be rich in alpha hydroxy acid. This is very helpful for those with uneven skin tone. Especially scrubbing with those containing sugars help in the condition of acne spots and scars.

Sugars are not much abrasive like the salt scrubs. They are more gentle to use and are safer for the skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Brown sugar version is the appropriate ones for the sensitive skinned people. As using most of the general scrubs available in the market can worsen the skin of sensitive people.

How To Select A Suitable Body Scrub

Been a humectant, it helps in the balancing the moisture of our skin to help it from excessive drying out. This is the same reason for using them in tanning. Sugar scrubs seem to have high softening and smoothening qualities rather than any other chemical scrubs available in the market.

Regular usage can heal the most chapped and callused hands of gents. Sugars can be mixed with the regular whipped body creams or foams to make it a shower bath cum scrub. An easy homemade scrub that can be used is by mixing honey and sugar with little drops of lemon. Scrub this onto the face and body until the sugar granules dilute into the skin.

Making the scrubbing process very gentle. Never scrub with lots of pressure on your face this will result in the formation of open pores. Hard strokes can be done on the body but not on the face.

Salt Scrubs

As salt quenches the thirst, it does the same for our skin. It contains element that care for the skin and helps in nourishing it well. It is a well known antiseptic, so using salt scrubs make sure the removal of bacteria and other inflammation caused by them.

This ensures the healthy rejuvenation of the skin. Sloughing away the dead skin that are aged are sometimes tough because studies proove that the dead skin hardens with the time and remains flaky and rough on the outer skin layer.

How To Select A Suitable Body Scrub

Consistent exfoliation is required to remove them completely, salt scrubs are very efficient in such cases and are found to be more faster in removing such hardened dead skin than any other natural scrubs available. Salt scrubs are abrasive than the sugar versions.

Regular scrubbing provides easier blood circulation which inturn imparts in younger looking skin. Salt scrubs are safer to use in the case of pimples. Exfoliating with such scrubs donot clog pores. Oily skin can be benefited by this kind of scrub as it helps in keeping the bacteria and oiliness controlled. This inturn aids in the healing of pimples.

An easy homemade face and body salt scrub can be made by mixing olive oil with some salt. Keep this in a bottle and shake it well. Now apply this mixture onto your body and face. Make sure this is suitable for your face skin. After massaging well wash of with warm water and mild soap. This brings instant shine to your skin.

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Coffee Bean Scrubs

This is a commonly used ingredient nowadays rather than the basic two ingredients listed above. Coffee beans are found to be rich in Vitamin E and magnesium.The presence of caffeine helps it in been an effective scrub for the older skin.

It helps in improving the cellulite conditions. On applying the crushed bean scrub onto skin it works with the cells and minimise the causes for the formation of cellulite.

How To Select A Suitable Body Scrub

It is also proven to aid in the case of varicose veins which are more visible with the ageing of the skin and during the pregnancy. Just after brewing some coffee beans for a coffee, take the crushed beans and head to a refreshing shower. Apply the mixture after wetting your skin and work on scrubbing every where.

Finely crushed dry coffee beans can also be mixed with a good binder, like milk or honey to make a good scrubber.  This will help you remove the all the dead skin imparting towards an immense glow.

Oat Scrub 

One of the most available things on our kitchen shelf. Other than been a good breakfast option its also a good beauty enhancer. It has high omega content in it. Nowadys its pretty very easy to find oatmeal scrubs.

How To Select A Suitable Body Scrub

If mixed with a good binder and applied on the skin, it acts as a good nourisher which deeply moisturises and softens the skin.It contains saponins, which is a mild cleansing agent making it useful for every skin type. It can be used by the sensitive skin too.

Been very mild, it gently works on the dead skin and help in sloughing them off by not drying the skin. Its also anti allergic.Iit cleanses deeply and help in revealing beautiful skin. There are studies prooving its ability in improving rashes and eczema. Oats are mixed with sugar to make it all the more appealing.