4 Home Remedies For Acne Sensitive Skin

Acne Sensitive Skin

Do you possess acne or acne scars on your skin? If yes, you might be suffering from depression of being unable to become the soul of parties that you were used to be earlier. Well, it is not that much bigger problem to be worried of. A few easy skin treatments can leave you with a smooth skin and glowing complexion. Let’s watch out the series of useful face masks in this direction-

Home Remedies For Acne Sensitive Skin

The Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood Paste

To get rid of the problem of acne forever, you should definitely use the sandal wood face pack. It not only stops the occurrence of acne but also offers you a lighter, glowing complexion. Take a table spoon of sandal powder and add a few drops of rose water in it.

Add a table spoon of basal leaves juice in this paste and apply on your face uniformly. Leave it to dry for about an hour and wash with lukewarm water.

If you are able to arrange the sandal wood stick and can manage making its fresh paste daily by rubbing it on a pumice stone with water, nothing can be a best idea than this system. This face pack is equally useful for the skin suffering from pigmentation and sun burn.

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The Orange Scrub

Orange Scrub

If you are suffering a long term acne problem, I will like to recommend you to prepare this herbal orange scrub in your home to get rid of pimples. Shade dry as much orange peelings as possible.

In the same way collect some dried mint, margosa and basil leaves. Make powder of all these dried peelings and leaves together in a mixer grinder. Then keep the prepared powder in a bottle and store for further use.

Every time when you want to use the orange face pack, take out a table spoon of powder and add a little amount of milk in it to make a paste. Apply it on skin for 15 minutes and then remove it from the face by rubbing like a scrub.

Continue scrubbing for five minutes, and then wash with warm water. This herbal pack removes pimples and offers you a fragrant freshness in summer.

Alum Lemon Paste

Alum Lemon Paste

Take half tea spoon of lemon juice, half tea spoon mineral water and half tea spoon of alum powder and mix all the materials together thoroughly. Apply the paste on pimples and allow to dry.

Wash with water well and apply astringent in the skin. Regular use of this pack will be helpful for the removal of acne from the face.

Easy Tips To Remove Acne


The instant way to reduce the occurrence of pimples on your skin is to apply tooth paste on a newly growing pimple as soon as you notice it. Actually, the soda bicarbonate ingredient that is found in tooth paste shows its effect to suppress pimples.

Applying toothpaste tip on pimples for overnight offers much relief from the beauty enemy acne. Wash your face thoroughly with pure water five to ten times daily to remove the layers of oil and dust from your face.

Eat healthy food and involve green vegetables, fruits and fiber rich diet in your meal; avoid eating oily and junk food.
Never try to squeeze or pinch the pimples as it can leave acne scar on the surface of the skin. Just utilize anti acne face packs and products to get rid of this problem.