How To Reduce A Large Belly

How To Reduce A Large Belly

These days the common concern that prevails among individuals is the gain of excess belly fat leading to a pot belly. Beyond looks, it causes a large number of other severe problems. It leads to deposition of cholesterol, blockages of blood vessels and several cardio vascular disorders leading to heart attacks, increased risk of early diabetes, gall bladder problems and many more. Today, obesity is a serious concern all over the world.

Besides, it reduces the self confidence level of the individual. The living habits of the individuals – their sedentary activities, their busy desk schedule which hardly spares time for physical activities, improper food habits are some of the basic reasons of putting on weight and having large belly.

This is high time that people treat this matter seriously. Below are some of the steps which if followed properly can aid in reducing the large belly that you possess. But this can never be achieved in a single day.

It needs your dedicated and consistent approach. Be patient and carry out the following activities properly and you can expect results to show off after one week of thorough maintenance.

Ways To Reduce A Large Belly

1. Never Skip Breakfast

Do have breakfast regularly. People have notions that if they eat less they will lose weight. But friends, this is not at all correct. You do not need to skip your meals rather it is important to have proper meals to lose weight. Start your day with healthy breakfast that will yield energy to carry out your activity all throughout the day. The healthy breakfast may include oat meal, or scrumbled eggs, sausages, bread or sandwiches and salads.

Do take food rich in proteins and vitamins and avoid foods rich in fats especially trans-fats, sugar and cholesterol. Eating small quantities at regular intervals also give proper time for metabolism to your organic structure preventing fat from getting accumulated in your body.

2. Drink Large Quantity Of Water

Water flushes out dirt and other waste and harmful products from our body enabling a healthy metabolism. It also does not allow harmful bacteria or other microbes to infect your body. Drink at least 4 – 5 litres of water daily.

3. Eat Fibrous Fruits And Vegetables

Fibrous fruits and vegetables take longer time to process. This will make you feel full for a larger amount of time than carbohydrates or fats. It is highly recommended to have cucumber, tomato, apple, watermelon, a cup of green peas because they are rich in fibre content which helps to combat the visceral fat.

4. Go For A Balanced Diet

A proper balanced diet where there is no scope for fast food is suggested to lose belly fat. Diet rich in grains, cereals, beans, celery, fruits and vegetables help fighting the belly fat. Also, have fresh fruit juices instead of having aerated drinks. Besides helping to reduce fat it also helps in maintain the glow of your skin and the overall metabolic activities.

5. Drink Green Tea

Green tea contains anti oxidant which helps to burn fats and release energy. Drink approximately 8 oz. of green tea everyday. You can definitely feel the difference.

6. Grab Proper Sleep

6 – 7 hours of sound sleep helps you to keep fresh and healthy. It is a statistically proven fact, a proper amount of sleep helps in getting away with the unnecessary stored fats. It helps to get rid of the stress and since people in stress tends to have irregular food habits or wrong food habits. But in today’s world it is not possible to lead a life without stress. So, it is recommended to have a proper amount of sleep so that your every organ get ample time to relax and complete the metabolic activities properly.

7. Physical Activities

Besides having a proper balanced food habit, regular physical activities are essential if you want to get rid of the belly fat that you possess. Though your hectic schedule may not always allow you to find time for physical activities, but try finding 3 days a week where you can devote at least 30 minutes time to physical activities. 30 minutes brisk walking and covering almost 4 – 5 kms is a wonderful workout. And then you can increase your pace accordingly. If you like to dance on the beats of your favourite tunes, lock the door and just start dancing. It is also an amazing workout technique. If possible, go for jogging and cycling. All these utilises the stored fats and burn them thus helping you to get rid of the excess accumulated fats from your body.

8. Stretch Yourself

Stretching helps to maintain the flexibility of your body maintaining a good posture. Also your muscles gear up and you feel relaxed. Try touching the floor without bending your knees, try touching the knees sideways are some of the few stretching exercise. Also, while relaxing you can sit straight with your legs stretched and try touching your feet with your arms. It is a wonderful activity which helps in reducing your belly fat.

9. Yoga

Yoga is a great activity to burn the unwanted extra fats of your body. And yoga really acts fast and if properly practised under the guidance of yoga specialist, besides aiding in losing belly fats it also helps in proper organic activities of your body. Also, it relieves you from stress and tension. If you can manage time, friends please practise yoga even if it is only for 30 minutes a day. Well friends, the above activities if followed with dedication and patience will definitely show results but you need to be regular and consistent.


You have gained a lot of fat and it will take time to lose. So, try to carry out the tips and you will definitely realise the difference if not in days but in weeks. Friends, even if it takes time, do not give up and do not lose hope. If you need to fight away the chronic diseases and lead a healthy life, do follow the tips. These are all very effective steps and these will work surely. Always remember, it needs longer time to lose than to gain in case of visceral fats.