How To Protect Hair During Workouts

Exercising is good for health. But most of the girls are worried about their hair during their workout sessions. It leaves your hair dull and drenched in sweat. This not only makes your hair loss rate to increase but also leaves you with poor choice of hair dos as well. Hence, here are certain tips to protect your hair during workouts.

Tips to Protect Hair During Workouts

Before You Start Exercising

The main drawback while exercising is the excess amount of sweat released and thus leading to increased sodium content that deposit in the body and scalp in great amounts. If your hair runs down below your neck, then your hair tips will fall on the sweat over there. So, better tie up your hair above your neck level.

How To Protect Hair During Workouts

Go for a pony, if you have a short hair. Don’t tie it too tight. A top knot is good for long hair. Pin up your bangs if any, so that the tips do not fall on your face and disturb you. Before tying up your hair apply a little oil or moisturizer to retain some oil content.

During Workouts

While you are working out with your exercises, pat your hair dry every now and then. If you sweat a lot, then you would have a lot of sodium deposits in your body. This will make your hair dry and without moisture.

Drinking a lot of water will dilute the sodium from your body. Maintain proper water content so that you don’t go dehydrated. Water will also remove any other toxic substances created in your body.

After Workout Session

After the workout, when you are drenched in all sweat, it is good to take a bath. But if you have really dry hair, you would have to avoid shampooing so often. And it also applies if you have a busy schedule and do not have time for a hair wash.

How To Protect Hair During Workouts

Wipe yourself dry. Because if you open out your hair on a sweated body, it will increase your sweat and also make you feel uncomfortable. Once you are free of sweat, then release your hair down. Dry your hair tips with a clean towel first.

Spray for Sure

Apply any spray gel, the with ones with water base. Or a diluted conditioner will serve this purpose. For this mix a spoon of conditioner in a cup of water and just wash your hair in it. This will also work good for dry hair and if you don’t wash it with shampoo daily. Dry your hair.

If you use a hair drier, use it in less heat mode. Make sure your every hair is dry. You can use a brush to raise your hair a little and pass your drier slightly under it. Allow your hair to cool really really well before you start doing your hair style for the day.

Now, you don’t want to choose between a stylish hair and a healthy body. Getting both is a cool idea. Isn’t it? So, try the above mentioned tips for great and strong hair and see the difference for yourself. The above tips would change your work out experience forever.