How To Prevent The Breakage Of Nails

How To Prevent The Breakage Of Nails   For women, nails have always been an important part of their body to enhance their look and make their hands beautiful. However, there are a lot of external factors that affect the health of nails and make them prone to breakage.

The harsh conditions like washing dishes make it really difficult for a woman to maintain flawless nails. The daily work and routine can definitely have adverse affects and pressure on the nails thus resulting in nail breakage and chipping. Not only will this affect the beauty but can also prove to be painful in a lot of cases.

There are some ways is which you can actually prevent the crisis completely. The below mentioned tips are the top most that you can get your hands on. These are effective, safe and also cheap on the pocket. This nail care guide is the ultimate solution to all your problems-

Solutions And Steps To Avoid Nail Breakage

Avoid Abrasion Of Nails

How To Prevent The Breakage Of Nails

It is highly recommended that the nails should not be used for abrasive activities like scrapping, picking or opening any boxes. This can make them highly prone to breakage.

Keep Them Trimmed And Short

Short and trimmed nails not only make the hands look neat and tidy but also reduce the chances of breakage to a great extent. It is always suggested that as soon as you see chipping of any form you cut the nails short.

Another tip here that you should definitely know of is to bandage the skin where the breakage has occurred. This will prevent any further pain and crack to extenD into the skin.

Use Gloves

One of the best ways while doing the household chores is to wear gloves. Whether you are cleaning or doing any other work, gloves is the best way to protect the beautiful and long nails.

How To Prevent The Breakage Of Nails

By doing this you will also save them from the chemicals that you might use while working.

Avoid Biting

Nail biting is one of the major issues that make the nails brittle and the chances of breakage increases. There are many of us who have a regular habit of eating nails. This should be completely avoided.

The Importance Of Moisturizer

Just as the skin needs nourishment, so does the nails; researches show that women who use a good quality moisturizer on the hands and nails at least twice everyday has less odds of breakage.

Also, whenever the hands are washed, the moisturizer should be re-applied. This will give the nails the required strength.

How To Prevent The Breakage Of Nails

 For fulfilling this purpose you can also use Vaseline petroleum jelly which is a natural lubricant. This process will make the nails flexible and soft as well.

Application Of Nail Polish

Keeping the nails polished even if just a coat will prevent the breakage and also restore the moisture in the nails. Nail polish will also safeguard them from chemicals. However, the nail polish should be changed once every week for best outcomes.

Along with this a healthy diet full of iron rich foods and protein is a must for achieving the aims. Include eggs, milk and leafy vegetables in the daily meals for maximum advantage.