How To Match Nail Color To Skin Tone


How To Match Nail Color To Skin Tone Nail Polish is a widely used cosmetic product by the women to make their nails look beautiful. There is a wide range of nail polish of different colors available in the market. But it’s necessary to know that which nail polish will suit more on your nails. It mainly depends on your skin tone. Right choice of nail polish will definitely enhance the beauty of your nails. So, here are some tips for you to choose right nail polish according to your complexion which will surely help you in getting a classy look.

Tips for Choosing Nail Polish

Fair skin

Women with this skin color are the luckiest ones as they have multiple choices for them to select a perfect nail polish for them. But it’s better to use dark colors. They will make your skin look more elegant.

How To Match Nail Color To Skin Tone

Colors like red, bright pink and purple are best for you. Avoid using too bright colors like light blue and light green. But usually it is said that the people with a fair complexion need not worry about whether anything would suit them or not, almost everything or colour seems appropriate on them.

Medium Skin Tone

It is an easy task for the women of this skin tone to choose a right color of nail polish for them as most of the shades can work for them. Nail art is also a good option open for you. It will make your nails look more stylish.

In case of colors, vibrant colors and light shades of blue and pink will look perfect on your nails. But it is recommended to you not to use dark shades like dark purple, navy blue and red color. They will not work for you.

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Tan Skin Tones

If you are having a tan skin tone then light shades of pink , blue and purple can easily be used on your nails. Some unique colors of nail polish like light brown and chocolate brown will also give your nails an attractive look.

How To Match Nail Color To Skin Tone

An important point to keep in mind is that you should never use gold color on your nails as this color will match with the color of your skin.

Dark Skin Color

Usually people with dark skin tone believe that nothing can make them look beautiful. But this is not true at all. With the right choice of accessories you wear would surely make you look gorgeous, attractive and pretty.

While selecting an appropriate nail polish for your nails, make sure you don’t use bronze, orange, gold and white color as it will not give a good look according to your color tone.

You can use yellow, red, dark green, maroon and chocolate brown color on your nails. This will help you to give a tough competition to the people having fair skin or medium color tone as you will look no less than them.

Life is full of principles. For a good output in any field you need to follow some rules and guidelines and so is with beauty styles. For your nails, coordination with your skin tone is very much necessary. Hope these tips will help you to make your nails look more elegant and outstanding.