How To Look Gorgeous In Evening With Make-Up

Look Gorgeous When we come to evening make-up, it generally refers to party or club make-up and almost every woman in this world wants to look gorgeous and elegant in a party.

Not only to allure men but also to feel good and special, women look for gorgeous evening make-up. It also enhances your confidence level when people admire you for your looks. But everybody is not blessed with attractive face and those who are, they are often not aware how to highlight their assets to look more attractive.

But with a right set of make-up you not only can hide your face flaws but also beautify your best features. Evening is the time when you can play with a bit louder make-up comparing to the day make-up; yet not look like a clown if properly done. If you want to know more about evening make-up tricks, just scroll down and discover how you can look like diva in evening make- up.

Tips On Exquisite Evening Make-Up


classy make-up

If you are heading to a special party or occasion and wearing an exquisite outfit, then go for a classy make-up, while for club or pub or other hangs out with friends choose some funky colours for evening make-up.

Right Colour

To look like a styling diva, you need to opt for a colour that flatters your skin colour. For base make-up select natural colour. Try to avoid fake colours. Colours like blue or violet need to avoid as they are focuses on fine lines and make you appear aged.


Perfect Skin

First, wash your face with a mild soap or face-wash. Then tap few drop of astringent over your face, following a good moisturizer. This process clears your face and let your make-up to stay for a long time. If you want to get a smooth and bright skin-tone, apply liquid foundation on your face and neck as well.


If you have acne or pimple marks on your face then use concealer to hide them. Concealer need to be of your skin tone and follow it by compact powder to balance your skin colour. Now with the help of a bigger size brush apply illuminator over your face to get a radiant affect.

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Glittering Cheeks

You can pick an orangey or pink colour and with the help of a blusher highlight it on the apple of cheeks, it will slightly catch the lighting of the party.

Velvet Eyes

Eyes play a vital role in making evening make-up more appealing and sensuous. To emphasize the eyes you can apply kohl to the base of the both lashes, now outline your lower eye-lid by black pencil. This process need to be done from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer corner.

Eye shadow colours can be dark grey or brown or black in pearlescent. Now use a darker eye-shadow to lower part of the upper lids close to the eyelashes and upper part or below the eye-brow area need to be fill with a lighter shade. Finally, apply few coats of black mascara to intensify the look.

Sexy Lips

You can opt for a feminine red lipstick, for a jaw-opening look. Define your lips with sharp lip liner darker than your lipstick colour. Now with the help of a lip-brush apply the lipstick from the middle part of the lips to the side corners.

Sexy Lips

Now place a tissue paper in between your lips and gently press then again apply another coat in the same direction as before. This trick helps the lipstick stay on your lips for long time. For a saucy lip pout, dab a drop of lip gloss in the middle of your lips.

Glam Touch

To finish off the make-up you can give a light touch of glitters to the eyelids and swirl on your cheekbones for dazzling diva look.