How To Keep Your Man Hooked

How To Keep Your Man Hooked Every woman wants the man of her dreams to be hooked to her. A woman in love thinks about her man all the time which makes her wonder whether the guy she is thinking about also spends as much time dreaming about her.

When you are in love with the man of your dreams you want him to fall more in love with you with every passing day. But is that possible? If you want to know the secret of keeping your man wrapped around your little finger then read on.

Tips To Keep Your Man Hooked

Keep The Romance Alive

Think about the last time you did something sweet and romantic for your man. To keep him hooked you have to let him know that you are still as madly in love with him as you were in the beginning of the relationship.

How To Keep Your Man Hooked

Small romantic gestures and words of love spoken in his ears will remind him how good you are to him. Don’t let your relationship become dull and predictable.

Spend Time Together

If you want your beloved to get addicted to you spending quality time with him is important. Love him, laugh with him, help him out with his troubles, be his buddy and, most important of all, be the woman of his dreams.

Be there when he wants someone to talk to, cheer him up when he is feeling low and you will be able to make a special place in his life that no one else can take.

Don’t Neglect Your Appearance

Every man loves to be in the company of a beautiful woman. For men beauty is always something to be appreciated and if you do not want his eyes to wander try to look your best whenever you are around him.

How To Keep Your Man Hooked

Dress up in clothes that enhances your overall personality and make sure that your hair is clean all the time. You don’t have to be a style guru to hold the attention of your partner. To keep his eyes glued to you select clothes that make you look feminine and stylish.

Pamper His Male Ego

If you want your man to be on your side forever you need to make him feel that he is the king of your world by pampering his ego from time to time. Give him compliments on what he is wearing, on his accomplishments, his caring nature, his driving skill, his tastes in perfume! In other words, you can compliment him on anything and everything but just make sure that you sound genuine.

Don’t Smother Him With Your Possessiveness

You may think that it is all right to get possessive about your guy once you are in a committed relationship but the truth is that most men hate it when they feel that their women do not trust them and is calling them every single hour just to keep an eye on them. So, let him have his own space and don’t freak out if his phone is busy for more than ten minutes!