How To Increase Bust Size Naturally

How To Increase Bust Size Naturally

Increasing the size of breasts is becoming common nowadays. This procedure is mostly carried out by models who want to increase the upper and outer quadrant of their breasts. It is mostly done by the means of surgery. But, there are now developed some alternative ways to surgery for increasing bust size. Go through this article and discover the various ways of ‘how to increase bust size naturally’.

Ways To Increase Bust Size Naturally

Here are some ways for those women who do not want to go under the knife to increase the size of their breasts.


Massage therapies are most commonly used for relaxing. It has many other potential benefits as well such as reduction of stress, anxiety and most importantly, increase of blood flow to an organ. Massage of breasts will too increase the blood flow towards it and this would help them in their growth.

To perform this massage, rub your hands together as fast as you can. When your hands have turned warm after rubbing then place them on your breasts. Rub your hands on your breasts in an inward and circular manner. The right hand should be rubbing in a clockwise direction, whereas, the left hand should be rubbing in an anti-clockwise direction.

Another benefit of this massage is that, by regular stimulation of breast and the nipples, a breast enlarging hormone is triggered which would further aid in the enlargement of breasts. But this massage does possess a side effect, which is that it can reduce your menstrual flow. Also, nipple sensitivity can also occur.

But for how long must you do this massage to increase your breasts size? Well, carry this therapy on for at least one month. Perform it for two times a day and in each turn, perform 100 to 300 circular rubs. Each circular rub must be of the duration of at least 2 seconds.

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Here are two special exercises related to ‘how to increase bust size naturally’. The first exercise requires weight lifting. Hold a 5 lb. weight in both hands while being seated on a chair with your back straight. Keep your hands accompanied by the weights, aligned along the side of your body till the count of five.

Then release the weights and return to your normal position. Repeat this exercise for about three times a day and each time is a set of five such repetitions. Another exercise to increase bust size naturally involves push-ups. Lay down on your stomach resting on your knees with a straight back and with your palms on the ground and elbows bent up till the shoulder level.

Push yourself upwards and hold on for the count of three. Then go back to your original position. Repeat this exercise for about three times per day with each turn comprising of five such repetitions. But remember that every exercise may or may not affect every woman and may not produce the same results for everyone.

Foods To Increase Breast Size

There is a hormone known as testosterone, a male hormone, which is produced in minimal quantities in a female. Overproduction of this hormone in a woman can lead to small size of breast tissue. Hence, for women, have lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet to prevent the over production of testosterone.

Estrogen is a female hormone which is highly responsible for the development of breasts. Therefore, consumption of foods such as peas, soybeans and kidney beans will enhance your natural estrogen production as these foods contain plant estrogen. Having dairy products and chicken is also good to increase the breasts size as these foods may contain estrogen.