5 Way To Heal Cracked Fingertips

When we talk about proper body care from any kind of crisis, then cracked fingertips can be one of the most prevalent problems that you might face. Along with making the fingers look dull and ugly these cracks can be extremely painful and can hamper your performance in the day to day activities.

There are a lot of women who will face this problem in the dry and chilly weather but for a lot of us cracks on the fingers is an all year round issue. Now, while talking about the treatment there are a lot of medications and ointments available in the market, but not all of them are that safe and effective. Generally, the problem occurs due to continuous use of harsh soaps and avoidance of nourishing the fingers. Along with treating the existing cracks, make sure you follow all the remedies that prevent them from reoccurring. Here in this body care guide we have all the possible treatments and solutions that you can very well follow for cracked fingertips. These are efficient in nature as well as affordable on the pocket. However, follow them on a regular basis to get visible outcomes in just a couple of weeks.

Remedies and Solutions for Cracks on Fingertips

1. Antibiotic Ointments

There are a lot of antibiotic ointment options in hand when it comes to cracked fingertips. Using them twice daily on the tips will give you good results and help you get rid of them really fast. These ointments are not at all expensive and have no side effects.

2. Use A Good Hand Cream

The cracks are usually a result of lack of moisture in the skin in that area. It is highly suggested that you apply a good quality hand cream on them evenly at night before going off to sleep. To let the cream infiltrate into the skin, wear a pair of cotton gloves for the purpose. This is a simple way to provide nourishment to the cracks. Try and buy an organic cream to achieve your goals. Limit the use of chemicals as much as possible.

3. Keep It Protected

Use washing gloves while washing utensils and clothes to keep the skin away from harsh chemicals of the detergents and dishwasher cleaners. Water itself can dry out the skin with excessive exposure. So limit the contact of fingers with water as much as possible. This is one of the remedy that will help you keep the hands and fingertips soft and supple as well.

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4. Drinking Plenty Of Liquids

Water and fresh fruit juices are the best way to keep the body and the skin hydrated. To keep the skin supple in the fingertip area make sure you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water along with juices, coconut water, buttermilk and more. This is especially valid for dry months where the skin dry out faster compared to other seasons.

5. Don’t Wash Much

Avoid excessive hand washing that flushes out all the moisture from the fingers and lead to cracks. Even if you do, make sure you apply a high quality hand cream to keep it from drying.