How To Go Pink With Make-Up On V Day

pink makeup Love is in the air and the countdown to Valentine’s Day has already begun .To celebrate the day of love , you want to look  stunning and adorable to your loved ones and to make it more special you want try something different from other days.

Pink  is a romantic colour and for Valentine’s Day it would be a perfect colour to go with. Apart from this , pink add more  softness and cuteness to your personality. So let’s find out how to go pink on the day of love and make this Valentine’s  Day special and memorable to both of you for the entire life.

How To Apply Pink Makeup

What To Wear

More feminine and pink coloured dresses go well in Valentine’s Day, a sensuous deep neckline pink gown, fitted chiffon dress to knee length, or put on an A-line dress.

pink dress

If you to have a hot chic look go for mini-skirts with a pink girlish or bubbly top. Choosing outfit depending on the place, where you going to spend the day inside or outside. Valentine’s day is celebrated in winter so, if are going outside then go in your fashionable woolen wear, putting on an off-shoulder or halter neck dress will make you look cheesy in freezing winter.


If you want a sexy and sensuous look then go messy updo style, its messy look is very much in fashion. You can also opt for  hot curls by setting your hair on hot rollers and let it be cool , now remove the rollers and comb your hair.

curly hairstyle

For more feminine look you can tie a scarf to your hair, the colour of the scarf need to match your outfit’s colour.

Eye Shadow Make-Up

No other day can be perfect for pink eye make-up than valentine’s day. But choosing right shades of pink for eyes is very much important . Instead of choosing a single one , go for different shades of pink. Eye make-up is very much important as  eyes are the centre attraction of a face.

pink eye shadow

Apply a flesh-pink or peach-pink colour base with bright pink shade on eyes. It  will enhance the depth of your eyes as pink is a soft colour.

Pink Contours

Another idea of eye make –up on valentine’s day is, apply a pink eye liner on the lower eyelid to use as highlighting line. If there is a eye-shadow base on your eyes then outline the lower lash-line by pink colour. To add more glamour you may put  on white liner too.

Rosy Cheek Make-Up

To look sweet and attractive what can be better than rosy cheeks. You don’t need extra effort to get pink cheeks as it is the basic colour for your cheeks everyday.

pink cheeks

Apply little amount of cream blush of pink colour on the apple of your cheeks. Now for a sultry and blushing look brush up pink shaded powder blush on the top of the apples of cheeks. Powder blush can  also be used in heightening the colour of the cheeks. But make sure don’t overdo with pink or you will look like a clown.

Lip Make-Up

As valentines day is all about loving , hugging and kissing your prince charming. So your lips need to be moistening, for this you may try for shea butter, its moistening properties hydrate your lips without being sticky and also restore your lip make up for long time. If your eye make-up is loud then lips need to be simple.

pink lips

You can define your lips by dark pink colour, and apply neutral pink colour through out the lips. To make your lips look fuller add shimmer.

Now before you leave, spray some seductive perfume , specially on your wrist and on your neck. Take a funky handbag matching your outfit to take essential make up ingredients for further use, and you are done!