How To Get Rid Of Foot Fatigue

Foot Fatigue The feet are an oft-overlooked part of the body. Continuous neglect and oversight can play havoc with the health of your feet and lead to foot fatigue. Foot fatigue occurs due to excessive wear and tear of the foot muscles. This can lead to pain and muscle soreness.

The heels and the arches are the commonly affected places. Most of the time people sideline niggling foot pain until it becomes a serious problem. Pamper and look after your feet on a daily basis in order to get rid of foot fatigue. Here are some tips to help.

Ways To Get Rid Of Foot Fatigue

Buy Well Fitting Shoes

One way of preventing foot fatigue is to invest in comfortable and well fitting shoes. Shoes that do not fit will lead to aching heels, corns and blisters. You may also sprain an ankle or get serious muscle injuries with this sort of footwear. Always size your feet when buying new shoes.

Shoe sizes differ from brand to brand so make sure you are well tested before you buy new shoes. No matter how spectacular the design, never buy shoes that are uncomfortable or do not fit well as these can lead to serious foot injuries.

Care For Diabetic Foot Pain

Diabetics are more prone to foot pain due to poor circulation problems. They also develop a high threshold for pain, which makes them overlook niggling foot problems.

Care For Diabetic Foot Pain

Diabetics need to take prompt and regular care of their feet to prevent foot problems and foot fatigue. This should be done by following good foot hygiene, wearing comfortable shoes and not putting undue stress on the feet.

Foot Stretches

Your foot like any other part of the body needs a good stretch before you start your day. Gently stretch your feet as soon as you get up from the bed in the morning. This will relax the muscles and help them perform better during the day.

Ice your Feet

Mild swelling is common in case of minor sprains and muscle pulls. In such cases, you will need to use ice in order to bring the swelling down.

Ice your Feet

Keep using ice packs throughout the day until you start to feel better and the swelling has been brought down. This will reduce pain and inflammation.

Rotate Shoes

Don’t stick to the same foot wear every day. If you use the same shoes, they will be worn out and start affecting your feet leading to heel and arch pain. It is better to rotate between 2-3 comfortable pairs of shoes. You may also not like to stick to one pair especially if the shoe has been giving you corns or blisters.

Avoid Heels

Heels are the biggest culprits when it comes to foot fatigue. Not only can high heels give you considerable pain but also lead to back and spinal problems. If you are very fond of high-heeled footwear, stick to them only on special occasions. This will prevent undue strain being put on your feet.

Go in for a Good foot Massage

Ask your spouse or relative to give you a good foot massage at the end of the day. You don’t need to do anything fancy.

Good foot Massage

A relaxing massage with essential oil or a moisturizer is just what your tired feet need at the end of the day.

Foot Soaks

Try soaking your feet in a footbath containing soap and hot water. This too is very relaxing. You can add some bath salts or potassium permanganate to the water especially if you are prone to toenail fungus or calluses. Make a ritual of soaking your feet at the end of the day. This greatly reduces foot fatigue and also keeps the skin around your feet hydrated.


Moisturizing the feet on a daily basis restores skin health and proper blood circulation thus minimizing the problem of foot fatigue.

Moisturize foot

This is a ritual, which must be especially practiced during the cold winter months when the skin around your feet becomes brittle and dry.

Use arch Supports

Flat-footed people are more prone to getting arch pain. This can be prevented by wearing and using good arch supports. Arch supports give a cushioned effect to the soles of your feet thus reducing pain and foot fatigue.

See a good Podiatrist

If your foot pain lasts longer than a week, see a doctor right away as this could be the initial symptom of arthritis. You will need to carry out some tests for the same.

Wear Platform Heels

You can still enjoy your heels by going in for shoes, which have platform heels. These shoes are beneficial because they reduce the gap in height caused by excessively high-heeled shoes.

Wear Platform Heels

Platform heels are better than pencil heels or stilettos. Wear all your heels with thick insole as this takes off the pressure from the base of the foot.

Go in for Regular foot Spas

Opt for a regular foot spa once in a week or once in a month. It takes care of most foot related problems. Foot spas offer luxurious foot care services like foot grooming, pedicures and massages.

Take Regular Exercise

Put in some amount of exercise daily. Exercises like running or walking strengthen your feet and make them feel better. Wear branded sports shoes. Regular exercise will prevent foot fatigue.

Give your Feet Rest

If you are a serious athlete, you may have to give your feet rest by taking regular breaks from your schedule. This too will go a long way in preventing foot fatigue. Wear comfortable socks and look out for corns and calluses that could be hurting you.

Take your Supplements

More and more people are succumbing to the problem of arthritis. This is partly due to a faulty diet and lack of calcium. Make sure you take a diet that is high on calcium for good bone health. This will prevent arthritis of the foot. Arthritis in the feet can put you at risk for developing foot fatigue. However, with the right diet and nourishment, this can be prevented.