11 Ways To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Without Exercising

Getting rid of belly fat happens to be the hardest battle in the quest to become healthy and fit. Many of us tend to retain that annoying belly fat in spite of losing oodles of weight from the other parts of the body. And many believe that the only way to get rid of it would be to sweat it out in a gym for hours on end every day. Agreed that you would need to exercise regularly in order to get rid of fat deposits located in certain specific areas of the body, including the belly.

Ways To Get Rid Of Belly Fat Without Exercising

However, there is some good news for those of us who completely abhor the very thought of exercising. There are certain ways that you can reduce belly fat without so much as lifting a muscle. You don’t need to spend countless hours in the gym or run up and down the stairs continuously. All you need to do is follow these simple but really effective tips that could reduce at least a couple of inches from your bulging waistline in no time at all.

Ways To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Stay Motivated

It is very easy to make up your mind about reducing weight but very hard to implement it. Then again, it is very easy to start implementing certain practices in order to reduce weight but very hard to maintain the same. The most important part of a weight loss program is the motivation required to see it through to the end.

Maintain a diary with all the details about your program and keep inputting details of how you managed to pass through the day without giving in to any kind of temptation that could have destroyed your plans of losing weight.

Reading the diary every morning would help you gather your thoughts and start the day with a vengeance. If that doesn’t seem to work, gang up with some friends who wish to lose weight as well. Stay accountable for each other’s actions and keep a check on each other’s weight loss programs.

In addition to getting useful weight loss tips from your pals, you wouldn’t need to worry about giving into temptations as your friends would be ready to reprimand you in such cases.

Stay Motivated

Come To Terms With The ‘what Ifs’ Of Belly Fat

Here are some facts that would definitely have you chalking up a plan to reduce belly fat in no time at all! Belly fat is mostly visceral fat that is unseen and keeps on adding inside your body the same way it does outside. So what you see outside as a belly is only a small proportion of the fat that is actually present inside the body. Just imagine!

Too much of belly fat would actually lead to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Belly fat happens to be directly linked to hormone production and can cause hormonal imbalances.

The fat cells in this case are located right next to the major organs of the body, thereby increasing the chances of the drainage of excess fat into them. This could in turn lead to several health related ailments in the long run.

Come To Terms With The ‘what Ifs’ Of Belly Fat

Start With The Way You Eat

Sometimes, it’s not just what you eat but how you eat as well. If you really want to lose that annoying belly fat, here are some eating habits you need to incorporate pronto!

Start With The Way You Eat

Skipping Your Breakfast? Think Again!

Make it a point to eat breakfast every day no matter what anyone says about skipping the meal. Eat something even if you are not hungry. Try to eat at the same time every day, give or take an hour on both sides.

Try to have your breakfast within one hour of waking up as this would keep your cholesterol levels down and your insulin levels steady throughout the day. Not to forget mentioning that it would keep you full for longer periods and prevent sudden hunger pangs that could cause you to binge.

Skipping Your Breakfast Think Again

Downsized Proportions

Larger meals would have you feeling stuffed and tired, and would make you want to rest as soon as you have had your food. So opt for smaller meals.

Instead of 3 large meals a day, opt for 6-7 smaller meals at regular intervals throughout the day to keep you full and energetic. Your metabolism would also remain high enough to burn up calories throughout the day.

Downsized Proportions

Eat & Sleep Policy

There is no way you are going to lose that belly fat if you end up sleeping or lying down as soon as you have had your dinner. So make it a point to have your dinner at least a couple of hours before going to bed. This will enable your metabolism to burn the calories well before you sleep off, thereby preventing the accumulation of excess calories and fat in the belly.

Eat & Sleep Policy

Watch What You Eat!

Now comes the important part! In order to lose belly fat without exercising, you would need to completely forgo a few foods while adding some others to your existing diet. Here are some tips on what you can and cannot eat in this case.

What you cannot eat: Examples include sugary cereals, refined grains, pancakes, waffles, pastries, French toast, crackers, cookies, margarines, hydrogenated oils and other foods that contain trans fat etc.

What you can eat: Examples include foods high in protein (like peanut butter, eggs, fresh fruits, fish, leafy vegetables etc.), foods high in soluble fiber content (like whole grains, split peas, cherries etc.), foods high in calcium (like cheese or yogurt etc.), foods containing substances called pytochemicals (like blue berries) and foods containing good fats (like nuts, soybeans, dark chocolate, avocados and seeds etc.).

You will be amazed to note that foods like blue berries can actually help reduce belly fat. A cup of blue berries every day would contain enough phytochemicals to burn about 12% of belly fat.

Watch What You Eat!

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The Simple Calorie Calculator

Here’s a small calorie calculation that would help you out in choosing the foods you need to eat and the ones you need to avoid. A single pound of fat is equivalent to 3700 calories. Which means you need to burn off at least 3700 calories to get rid of 1 pound of fat from your body.

Keeping this in mind, take into account the foods that you consume on a daily basis. Note down the individual calorie count of each food item you usually eat. Add them up to find out where you stand in the calorie scale.

Now chalk out a plan that would help you curb at least 3700 calories from your meals within a week. Find out how you can balance the calorie counts of the individual foods that you eat to maintain this deficit.

A good thing about this is that you can make room for occasional indulgences, providing you balance it out with the rest of the foods you plan to eat. Follow this plan religiously and you stand to lose up to 2 pounds every week.

The Simple Calorie Calculator

Watch What You Drink As Well

If you want to drink something, make sure it’s either water or green tea. Drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day would curb sudden hunger pangs and make sure that the digestive system remains functional at all times.

Green tea is known to speed up the body metabolism by at least 4%. So three cups of green tea a day would mean a very effective spike in the body metabolism which in turn would help you burn up to 90 calories every day.

They don’t call it a ‘beer belly’ for nothing! If you want to lose those extra kilos hugging your waistline, you would need to stop drinking beer and alcohol, both of which contain plenty of empty calories that can add oodles of fat to your belly.

Watch What You Drink As Well

Get Your Sleep Patterns In Order

The body requires at least 6 hours of proper, undisturbed sleep to remain fresh and energetic for the remainder of the day. Another thing about getting adequate sleep is that it helps your body secrete a hormone that aids in curbing appetite and sudden hunger pangs.

Inadequate sleep would mean low levels of the hormone in the body. And this would translate to more hunger pangs and a sense of emptiness in the stomach even after meals.

Get Your Sleep Patterns In Order

Keep Your Stress Levels In Check

The body secretes a hormone called ‘Cortisol’ when it is stressed out. Increase in the level of cortisol in the body can trigger an increase in belly fat. So make sure you keep your body and mind calm, composed and stress free.

In addition to sleeping properly, take adequate breaks during work hours to stretch your muscles and free your mind. Keep a small area in your house free of anything that would stress you out.

Walk into it when you are stressed out and relax your senses before resuming your chores. Practice deep breathing exercises at regular intervals to keep your body and mind calm. This would make sure that your mind remains stress free and your belly remains fat free.

Keep Your Stress Levels in Check