How To Get Rid Of Age Spots From Your Legs

How To Get Rid Of Age Spots From Your Legs

The word Spot is an eyebrow raiser. The more worse are age spots. They are inevitable with the increase in age. The daily struggle of life makes the skin to suffer a lot and the most unattended part of the skin becomes our legs. After thirty most of the women are found fighting with age spots on their legs. Age spots are more so often called liver spots or letugins. These are flattened blemishes with grey or brown color. They are harmless but are annoyance to anyone’s beauty. They make women conscious about wearing short skirts and dresses.

This discoloration of skin is because of leaving them abandoned and the harsh strokes of sun. Staying out in sun for long time causes freckles on the skin. Sun exposed skin gets pigmentations resulting in grey or yellow spots. In addition to this diet is also a governing factor.

Lack of dietary nutrients gradually starts showing on your skin. Malnutritioned liver becomes flooded with oxidants with the increase in age and lack of anti oxidants gives a warm welcome to aging spots. However, dealing with them takes only little effort on your part and small change in your daily beauty regime to get back flawless legs. Following below mentioned tips will definitely prove helpful.

Tips to Get Rid of Age Spots From Your Legs

1. Daily routine

Hygiene is the first step towards beauty. Incorporate following two steps in your beauty regime and you will start seeking the result in two weeks time.

a) Soak your legs in warm water for fifteen minutes. It will soften the dry dead skin. Dampening will be helpful in de-layering the cored layers of dead skin on your legs.

b) Scrub your legs thoroughly with a good scrubber to exfoliate the dark patches of dry dead skin. You can also opt for homemade scrubber which will be cheaper and more effective. Mix two cups of white sugar, one cup olive oil and ten drops of any essential oil and form a golden yellow gritty mixture. Scrub your legs with t and wash with warm water.

2. Moisturizing

We are very aware of moisturizing our face and hands bit legs go totally unnoticed. Moisturize your legs with a good lotion twice a day one after bathing and other before sliding to bed. Let the lotion get well soaked in your pores therefore keep the legs uncovered for fifteen minutes.

3. Bleaching

Many good number of women use bleach to lighten their skin. Although it covers up the discolored patches on legs but is accompanied by burning and itching effect. Still if you want to use bleach for your legs use the one containing hydroquinone.

4. Maintain Healthy Diet

Beauty is an inside out process. If you are healthy inside your skin with have its natural glow. Eat lots of veggies rich in vitamin C. It will automatically subside the age spots. Drink plenty of water to bleed out the toxins and leave skin hydrated.

5. Bathing

Add few drops of apple cedar vinegar in your bathing water. It promotes the growth of new cells and replaces the freckled dead skin.

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Home Remedies

Complementing the abovementioned tips a number of proven home remedies works wonder to get away with ugly spots on legs and making them look radiant. They are mentioned as follows:

6. Almond Oil

Vitamin E reduces age spots. Easily available almond oil is rich in vitamin E. Apply it directly on spots on your legs twice a day.

7. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural doctor to many ailments. It’s well known for its soothing and healing properties. Take fresh Aloe Vera gel from its stem or you can bottle the gel in refrigerator for storage purpose. Massage with this gel twice a day on age spots on your legs and wash with warm water after forty minutes. It will fade away the spots.

8. Lemon

Lemon is a natural bleacher and bleaches your skin without the burning sensation of chemical bleacher. Rub a slice of lemon directly on leg spots and wash way with plain water. It will lighten the color of age spots. Lemon dries the ski therefore moisturizing is a must after applying lemon.

9. Garlic

Apply garlic on the spot inflicted area on legs. It makes the dead skin to dry and shed on its own. Practice is for a month to see the results.

10. Onion

Mix onion juice with vinegar in equal proportions. Apply on the spotted area and wash after fifteen minutes.

11. Pack

Mix lemon juice with apple cedar vinegar and sugar. Apply as pack on your legs and wash with cold wash after ten minutes. Use this remedy twice a week.

Following the aforementioned remedies will start proving effective in a month’s time. You can also go for chemical therapies like laser resurfacing, chemical packs etc. Do take advice of dermatologists if nothing proves helpful. Get rid of the age spots on your legs and flaunt their beauty.