How To Get Pregnant With PCOS

How To Get Pregnant With PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is a rare case related to a woman’s reproductive system where cyst is formed on the ovary causing issues related to conception and childbirth. It may also be accompanied with symptoms like high levels of insulin causing gestational diabetes, weight gain, irregular menstrual cycles, fertility problems, hair loss, anxiety or depression. Abnormal hormonal situations in such cases may cause improper development of eggs and cause fertilization issues.

Here are some commonly prescribed methods and medications that can get you to being pregnant if you have ovarian cyst. It may take some time, from a couple of months to a year to cure, but 80-90% women having PCOS have been able to conceive. These effective measures will help you a long way: –

Get Pregnant With PCOS

Birth Control Pills

For women having irregular periods due to ovarian cyst, birth control pills are advised to regularize the periods and make it easy to diagnose the fertile days of the month. These are the days where a woman is most likely to get pregnant.

Birth control pills

It is also used to regularize estrogen levels in the body can reduce hormonal imbalances. Charted periods are an easy way to get pregnant without the need of a medical consultation.

Stay Mellow

Anxiety or depression or extreme cases of emotions cause misbalances in hormonal levels. If you are trying to get pregnant, avoid sudden reactions and emotions. Stay calm and at ease. The body needs its peace and rest to go through the normal process of conceiving. Stress and drugs is a bad combination and a matter of concern, but a woman needs to be strong, calm and positive to improve her chances of having a baby.

Weight Reduction

PCOS causes missed or irregular periods, which has an adverse affect on a woman’s health. Weight gain is a common thing when there is medication for improper bleeding or problems related to menses.

Home Remedies For Weight Loss

For obese and heavy weight women, it is a necessity to lose a few pounds before trying to get pregnant. It is every doctor’s first advice to an obese woman. Weight gain can also be an effect of an unhealthy diet. Fats and cholesterol should be controlled to avoid additional problems like gestational diabities.


This is the last resort when medications and treatment of PCOS fail. Doctors do not advise a surgery on ovarian cyst as it is risky and may also lead to permanent damage. Surgery may also be performed in minor cases for weight reduction; control of insulin levels etc. that aid in better functioning of the treatments and medications. Ovarian Drilling or Wedge Resection may cause permanent damage by scarring the ovary, and is an absolutely non-advisable method.

Improved Diet And Exercise

Even before starting medication and treatment for PCOS, maintaining a healthy diet, proper sleep, regular exercise and meditation is important. Cleanses system reacts beautifully and fast to any medication.

Copper diet

An active and healthy body has improved chances of getting pregnant as early as in the first attempt. It brings hormonal balance and reduces periods related issues too.