How To Get A Healthy Skin The Organic Way

How To Get A Healthy Skin The Organic Way A soft, beautiful and healthy skin is the dream of any average girl nowadays. But do you know that relying on cosmetics and beauty products can do more harm than good to your skin. These products come loaded with complex chemicals which can lead to cancer, acne and several other ailments. Organic skin care involves the use of natural ingredients obtained from plants and natural oils in one’s beauty regime.

These products are devoid of any harmful synthetic chemicals and are gentle on the skin. Although these products may be slow as compared to artificial products, they will keep your skin healthy for long. With these easy to practice beauty tips shared below, one can have a healthy and glowing skin without the use of any harmful products.

Tips to get A Healthy Skin 

Eat Healthy

Include loads of organically produced fresh fruits, veggies, juices, yoghurt and healthy fats in your daily diet for a soft and healthy skin.

How To Get A Healthy Skin The Organic Way

Abstain from too much of spicy and oily food. Drinking plenty of water helps in releasing toxins out of your system. Therefore, eat healthy for a healthy skin as your skin will reflect what you eat.

Avoid Artificial Fragrances

Our favorite perfume bottles are usually a store house of numerous toxic chemicals which can lead to allergies and health issues. Phthalates added to artificial fragrances in order to enhance their longevity can damage lungs, liver and kidneys.

Instead you can use certified organic perfumes and deodorants containing ingredients like aloevera, honeysuckle or lime easily available in the market. And believe us, they smell equally good.

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Beauty Products with Natural Oils

Use cleansers, creams and soaps which include natural oils like avocado oil, basil oil or jojoba rather than cream based cleansers. These products do not clog pores as oil is helpful in dissolving sebum, oil and dust present on skin effectively.

How To Get A Healthy Skin The Organic Way

Coconut oil, full of Vitamin E and several skin-friendly Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), is essential for a soft and healthy skin. Read labels carefully to identify ingredients which can damage your skin instead of helping it. Visiting the product’s website is advised.

Chose Cosmetics Stored in Glass Bottles

Buy cosmetics available in glass packages rather than the ones in plastic packages. Plastic containers emit hydrochloric acid and various cancer causing chemicals which get dissolved in the product and can lead to flakes and irritation. Glass on the other hand is recyclable and has negligible chances of transferring toxins to the product within.

Organic Face Mask for a Healthy Skin

How To Get A Healthy Skin The Organic Way

Besides saving money and packaging, an organic mask at home gives one the satisfaction that no preservatives or chemicals were used in the making. A banana-oat mask or a tomato-yoghurt mask is both convenient and effective.

Avoid Petroleum By-Products

Petroleum by-products like Vaseline, coal tar used for scalp-treatment shampoos and mineral oils are loaded with chemicals which can lead to acne and a dull skin by clogging the skin pores. Instead, use olive oil for a smooth looking skin.