How To Dress For Clubbing

How To Dress For Clubbing It’s fun time and you have to dress to make the best social impact. Dressing for clubbing can be quite tricky as too much or too little will not create the right sort of impression. All of us girls dress for clubbing for ourselves obviously and to attract and impress the boys! Clubbing is one place where you might find the cutest guy you want to date and go around with. So why settle for a fine look when you can create a great one. Here are a few tips and tricks.

Tips On Dressing for Clubbing

Too Jazzy Or Too Dull

Do not go overboard by dressing with neon apparels and accessories and looking like a disco ball. Keep your look balanced by mixing a few simple elements in your look.

Clubbing Dress

Do not always opt for black or red. Try wearing different colors such as hot pink, neon and metallic shades to spice up the look. Remember, that if you are wearing a lot of colorful apparel, then keep your accessories very basic. Clashing of colors won’t do you any good as it will only spoil the look.

How To Dress For Clubbing

A simple dress in solid color could also do with statement earrings, neck piece and cuff. Never go for maxi dresses. Killer heels are a must for any clubbing look. If high heels are not your scene then go for kitten heels. However, do not wear flats


You can create a vintage look by wearing a flapper skirt in black and solid colors. Team the skirt with a simple sleeveless or tank top in fuchsia pink or neon.  Never wear a full-length skirt, it will look as if you have come to a ball.

If you do not have a body type to wear short skirts, go for party skirts or dresses that end just below the knees and amp up the look by wearing stockings as bottoms. Do not wear boring black and nude stockings; go for prints and colors instead.

Denims And Tops

A pair of skinny jeans and a jazzy top is the smartest look for clubbing.

How To Dress For Clubbing

Complete your look with metallic accessories and a pair of sexy heels in neon shades.


Carrying a jacket while you are out for clubbing is the wisest thing to do. Prefer ones in basic shades such as black or try a hot color depending on your outfit.


You obviously do not want your bag to be your enemy on the dance floor.

How To Dress For Clubbing

Do not carry huge bags instead carry an oversized clutch or a sling one. Do not fill in unnecessary items. Carry only essentials like money, mouth spray and a lipstick.

Make up

Do not over do your make up. Apply a basic base of concealer and foundation and play around with your eyes and lips. Depending on your outfit, choose your eye and lip color.

Red is the hottest lip color and works on any outfit with smoky eyes. If you are not a makeup person, keep your make up nude and minimal with nude blush and lip gloss.