How To Dress For A Pool Party

How To Dress For A Pool Party Attending a pool party this weekend? Wondering what to wear? Feeling a little nervous? Thinking how you can be both not under-dressed and not over-dressed for the occasion? Here are all the answers to your questions.

Tips On Dressing For A Pool Party

Swim Wear

Even if you are tempted to wear a bikini, hold yourself from doing so if you don’t have the body to flaunt it. Wear a swimming costume that looks good on you rather than that which everyone else is most likely to wear. A black swimming costume looks equally sensuous if worn and carried off elegantly. How To Dress For A Pool Party Depending on your age choose the print and the colors. If you are in your teens a sapphire or light blue colored swim wear would look good. You could even try some cute prints. On the other hand, those who are in their late thirties would look better in black or navy blue. You could even carry a sarong, a pair of slightly over sized sun glasses and a sun hat (my personal favorite is a big straw hat with a pink bow) with you to wear when you are not in the water but just lounging around on the sides. Floral printed sarongs always work.


Keep the dress that you wear to the party flirty and summery. Avoid dark shades of clothing. Preferably wear clothes with designs, prints and colors. How To Dress For A Pool Party Opt for dresses, shorts, skirts, capris instead of full length jeans. If you are wearing shorts then wear one that is of a slightly tighter fit as the extra loose ones look a little out of place. T-shirts, halter tops or spaghetti look good with these. If you are wearing a dress then a tube dress or even an A-line dress will look good. Ladies with flab could wear crochet tops with capris. Wear sheer material. Cotton is the best but you could even try chiffon.


Please wear rubber slippers or sandals. Match it with your swimming costume wear or wear a nice multicolored one with embellishments, beads, bows etc. It is best to avoid heels. How To Dress For A Pool Party – Some Effective Tips For You Wear flat shoeselse you might just trip on the slippery grounds! Add bright nail polish to your toes. Flaming orange sounds bright enough for the occasion.


How To Dress For A Pool Party

Leave all your expensive bangles and neck pieces at home. Wear colorful plastic or bead onesinstead.


Avoid going to the parlor to style your hair! After all it is a pool party. So tie it up or leave it open – the choice is yours. How To Dress For A Pool Party – Some Effective Tips For You Just keep it simple. Don’t forget to carrya rubber band or a few clips just in case you need them.


Don’t forget to put in your sun screen if it’s a day pool party that you are attending. Also don’t miss out on putting in a change of clothing just in case you need it. Also throw in a towel into the bag. How To Dress For A Pool Party – Some Effective Tips For You Slightly larger bags look good for such occasions. Add more funk to your attire by carrying one that is brightly colored. Just keep in mind that its preferable if the bag is a water proof one. Put in your phone, camera and a little bit of make-up too! So go ahead and have fun. Dress cool and look hot!