How To Do Natural Makeup

How To Do Natural Makeup The ‘au naturel’ look is one where you sport fresh skin, bare cheeks, lightly blamed lips and neutral eyelids. This sexy and sophisticated look will enhance your good looks and it is the best way to bring out your natural beauty. You can perfect this kind of makeup by using the right products and colors. Healthy skin is very important to get the ‘natural look’.

A balanced and nutritious diet is essential to maintain a healthy skin condition. Besides, proper and regular skin care like cleansing, toning and exfoliating on a weekly or daily basis is also vital.

In order to keep the skin supple, smooth and well-hydrated apply moisturizers regularly. Consult a dermatologist, if you have problems like acne.

Tips on Natural Makeup

Natural look doesn’t mean ‘no make up’ look. The most important thing here is the sparing and careful use of make up products. People should appreciate your natural beauty and not the makeup.

How To Do Natural Makeup

All you need to do is conceal the fine lines and blemishes and remove the extra oil on your face. Before applying the makeup you need to cleanse, tone and moisturize the skin. Also, tweeze any extra hairs on your brows.


For perfectly primed facial skin, just massage your face using a small amount of moisturizing cream with your fingertips. Use a tinted moisturizer for attaining a natural looking complexion. You can apply this on your eyelids and face and blend it with your fingertips.


To balance out the complexion in the eye region, apply eye concealer underneath the eye and on the eyelid area. Pat the concealer into the skin to attain a well-blended finish. To hide any blemishes or spots use a high-coverage concealer.

How To Do Natural Makeup

Blend it properly into the skin to get a natural finish. Now, apply the right foundation. Make sure that it will merge well with your complexion.

Use it sparingly and blend it well to avoid any streaks. Apply translucent powder to hold on the foundation. Now, apply the blush sparingly to your cheeks.

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Tips for Eye Makeup

If your eyelashes are curled and thick, you need not use mascara or go for curling. However, if the eyelashes are thin and sparse, light or short then use mascara, so that they appear thicker, longer and darker.

If the eye lashes are straight then use the eyelash curler. In case, you choose to use mascara then go for the shade that is closer to your eye lash color.

The eye liner must be applied close to the lash line and almost into it, so that they define your eyes as they naturally are. The eye shadows can also be used, but go for the complementing neutral shades.

Tips to Choose the Lip Color

The best color to choose for your lips to make them look attractive is to go for a color on your fingertips, when you squeeze them. You can apply the lip gloss of the same shade, but of course sparingly!

How To Do Natural Makeup

Natural makeup is easy and simple to apply and maintain. Moreover, it consumes less time and more importantly it brings out your concealed natural beauty. It is important to remove your makeup before going to bed, so that you can get back the natural look the next day.