How To Delay Menstruation With Home Remedies

Menstruation is one of the common and natural cycles that occur approximately every 28 days in a woman. However, there can be situations where you want to delay this uncomfortable feeling for a while. This especially happens when you have a pre-planned holiday or a big event to attend. During such times, you would really want to postpone the occurrence of menstruation.

As a solution, birth control pills and other medications are available in the market that help in prolonged menstruation. Herein, it cannot be guaranteed that the pills are 100 percent safe and will not leave behind any side effects. It is always a good idea to adhere to natural treatments and home remedies for any kind of body issues. These are not only safe and effective but also affordable on the pocket. There are innumerable natural ways to delay the menstruation cycle. These will keep them away for a couple of more days, so that you can enjoy your event or vacation without any hassles or pain. Here goes the topmost solution you can make your pick from:

Natural Ways To Postpone Menstruation

1. Parsley Leaves Benefits

One of the easiest yet the most effective way to delay the menstrual cycle is to start drinking brewed parsley leaves tea at least one week prior to your period date. All you have to do is boil in fresh parsley leaves in a pot of water for about half an hour and strain the liquid. Make sure that the tea that is brewed is strong in nature. It is recommended that you dink at least 3-4 cups of this liquid everyday for perfect outcomes.

2. Ginger/ Yarrow Tea

Just in case you feel that the parsley home remedy is not giving you satisfying results, then it is always better to substitute it with either ginger or yarrow. It is, however, not recommended that you choose to try all the remedies together. While trying ginger or yarrow, you don’t have to drink brewed parsley. Use fresh herbs on ginger or yarrow to make tea in the same method as parsley and drink it thrice daily. This might help you in reaching your goals.

3. Fasting For A Day

Researches have shown that fasting for an entire day leads to deprivation and lack of nutrients in the body and affect the hormonal secretion and its functioning. This will delay the menstruation cycle in a successful manner. Herein, it is also suggested that you drinks loads of water the whole day which will only speed up the outcomes. The only side effect of this natural solution is that you might feel a little fatigued for a while. But there is nothing to be worried about.

4. Fried Gram Lentil Soup

This might not be totally effective when it comes to postponing menstruation, but then you can definitely try having it with a little warm water, on empty stomach every morning.

Since it does not have any side effects, you won’t really have a problem to face. Since it is one of the easiest solutions, you can take advantage.