How To Deal With Menstruation Odor

How To Deal With Menstruation Odor Menstruation odor can also be referred as vaginal odor and is usually due to an infection in the vagina or in the cervix. During menstruation, you experience cramps, go through mood swings and menstruation odor which make you feel awful, unclean and insecure. A vaginal discharge does not have any smell, but menstruation odor can make others think that you don’t maintain proper hygiene. One can use the following remedies to deal with menstruation odor:

Tips to Avoid Menstruation Odor

Use of Good Menstrual Products

The flow during menstruation does not give foul smell, but the bacteria present in the flow causes odor. So, choosing hygienic menstrual products help in keeping vagina healthy which in turn lessens the bad smell.

You can also lessen the bacterial growth by using chemical free cloth pads and keeping your genitals dry during menstruation. You can even try using menstrual cups or soft cups as they lessen the growth of bacteria and are also chemical free.

Don’t Use Scented Pads

The chemicals present in the pads or tampons can affect the vaginal pH which helps in increasing the infection around vagina as well as the odor.

How To Deal With Menstruation Odor

The scent present in the pads and tampons doesn’t prevent the menstruation odor and is just a strategy used by the companies to increase the sale of their products. It will be better if you switch to cotton pads that are free from chemicals, bleach.

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Avoid using Wet Pipes

Wet pipes make you feel fresh but the chemicals present in them affect your vaginal pH even if they claim to be pH balanced. These types of anti bacterial products prevent the growth of healthy bacteria which in turn causes odor and infections. In order to feel fresh, you can try using water in the bathroom or wet toilet papers in order to clean your vagina.

Take Daily Shower during Periods

Take shower daily and wash your genitals properly, but don’t apply any soap or any other product as it can be harmful for your vagina.

How To Deal With Menstruation Odor

The skin and scalp produces oil which will make you sweat during menstruation and thus produces odor. So, it is recommended to take shower daily using body wash or soap.

Have an Extra Pack of Undies

It is always advised to change your pads after every 4-6 hours and to change menstrual cups after every 12 hours. But sometimes you forget to change your pads which cause leakage,so always carry an extra panty with you to deal with such situations. This is recommended as sitting in the dirty underwear causes infection and produces menstruation odor.

Have a Nutritious Diet

Always have a proper nutritious diet. Intake of yoghurt in your diet regularly will prevent vaginal infection as it contains good bacteria which takes care of pH balance and helps in dealing with foul smell.

How To Deal With Menstruation Odor

Eating garlic also helps in combating fungal infection due to its anti-fungal properties. You must be confident and hygienic because sometimes there is nothing to worry about and only you are the one who is feeling it.

Just keep yourself neat and clean and don’t feel embarrassed about it as it is not in your hands, but you can definitely try out the above remedies to prevent it.