How To Control Vaginal Discharge


Vaginal Discharge Vaginal discharge is a very normal occurrence in child bearing women. Some amount of discharge is always excreted by the vagina. It is the vagina’s way of self cleaning and keeping itself clean and healthy.

An odourless and colourless discharge does not warrant much attention. However, in times like pregnancy or a vaginal infection, the discharge may start to smell and leave an unpleasant odour. You may also end up staining your underwear. Here are some ways and means of controlling the vaginal discharge.

Tips To Control Vaginal Discharge

Wear Cotton Panties

Wear Cotton Panties

Wear well fitting, breathable cotton panties if you suffer from excessive discharge. Nylon and synthetic materials trap heat and moisture and can leave you feeling uncomfortable. They may also cause itching and irritation. Cotton also absorbs the excess discharge well.

Never Use Lubes And Oils

If you are suffering from a vaginal discharge, it is best to refrain from using lubricants and oils especially during sex. They can permit the breeding of bacteria and this could lead to a serious vaginal infection thus exacerbating the problem of vaginal discharge.

Use All Medications

If you are suffering from a very severe vaginal infection, it is best to stick to all the medications that have been prescribed by the doctor. This will allow the infection to be cured promptly. Complete the entire course of medicines especially if you are on antibiotics otherwise your body will soon become immune to them.

Do Not Use Feminine Hygiene Products

Feminine Hygiene Products

It is best to not use feminine hygiene products like douches, deos and vaginal soaps as they disturb the normal pH balance of the vagina and cause the discharge to increase manifold. Do not soak in bubble baths especially since they cause vaginal irritation.

Do Not Wear Tight Clothing

It is best to stay away from tight and restrictive clothing. Do not wear panty hose, tight jeans and trousers which may dig into your pubic area. This allows the infection to remain and may cause vaginal discharge to increase.

Use Panty Liners

Make sure you wear panty liners if you are suffering from a lot of vaginal discharge. These are quite effective in absorbing the excess moisture and preventing embarrassing stains on your clothes and underwear.

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Change Panties Frequently

fresh cotton panty

Practice good hygiene. Wash your pubic area and wear a fresh cotton panty every few hours. This will help to keep the vagina healthy and germ free.

Do Not Scratch

No matter how tempting, never scratch the vaginal area. Your fingers harbour a lot of germs and this may actually cause the infection to spread or become worse with the scratching.

Always Use Condoms

Always Use Condoms

Protect yourself and your partner by wearing condoms during sexual intercourse especially if you suffer from excess discharge. This gives protection to both you and your partner in the eventuality of the infection being spread via sexual contact.

Wipe Front To Back

Make sure you wipe front to back especially during a bowel movement. This prevents germs from being transmitted to the vagina and causing vaginal discharge.