How To Color Coordinate Jewelry With Clothes

Coordinate Jewerly With Clothes Fashion jewelry is loved by every woman irrespective of her age or personality. Nowadays, wearing a sparkling piece of jewelry is not just limited to special occasions like a wedding or a late night party, but women are adapting these more in their daily lives as well.

One of the much talked about subjects today is coordinating your jewelry with your clothes. The best part is anyone can do it just by learning a few simple basics. All you have to do is take out all your wardrobe stuff and your sparkling jewelry box and start having fun with mixing and matching.

You never know what you will end up with! You might even create a brand new fashion statement altogether! If you are new to this and have no idea on how to start up this creative process of coordinating accessories with your clothes, we might help you a bit. Following are some quick things to learn that will help you out a bit.

Basic Rules For Coordinating Jewerly With Clothes

Take Neutral Clothing As Base

We all have neutral shades in our wardrobe like white, black or beige. But, have you ever considered of matching a neutral colored dress with vibrant colored accessories? If you still haven’t tried this, you need to give it a try.

neutral colored dress

Mixing plenty of colored accessories with classy neutral shades leads you to a colourful yet classy outfit. For instance, you are wearing a little black dress. Now just pick a vibrant color like red or pink for your shoes and you can wear silver loop earrings and a shining silver necklace to complement with the same.

Play With The Quantity Of Jewelry

No doubt, you have loads of jewelry in your trinket box, but the question is do you use it wisely? Here’s a bit of trick! You can play with the quantity of jewelry as per different occasions. For instance, you can pick a single piece of jewelry if you are going on a formal event. Wear two or three pieces of accessories if attending a semi-formal party and you can team up several accessories if going out on a casual day.

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Coordinate Similar Items Of Jewelry

This is again a quick fashion tip for all beginners. You can always pick up two to three pieces of jewelry which have a similar color or design.

Similar Items Of Jewelry

For instance, you can pick two or three bracelets and team them up together in a same wrist. It will not only look new, but will also add a unique zing to your persona.

Adding Color To Simple Designed Outfits

If your top or dress is of plain simple design, you can use that to your advantage. You can add loads of colorful jewelry on a dull and boring top and can create a stunning look out of the same. You can use colorful earrings, long neck pieces, anklets or bracelets and other vibrant looking accessories to your outfit. So, let your creativity ooze out and play with fashion all around.