How To Choose Plus Size Clothes

clothes for plus size womenSo what if you have a little belly or thick thighs? That doesn’t mean you have to wear loose sweats and old people clothes. There are so many pretty clothes in the market that can compliment your plump body so well, that you would feel very proud for having those God-given curves.

The problem here is that most plus size people just do not know how to choose the right clothes and also the tricks involved in picking the right ones. Irrespective, of the fact whether a person is fat or not, the main secret behind dressing up is realising what suits you and what doesn’t suit you. So, you get the point right? Once you know your shape you can dress accordingly.

Choosing Stylish And Comfortable Plus Size Dresses

Inner garments

Inner garments are as important as the clothes you would wear over them. If you wear the right type of inner garment, you will find that there is a major change in your body shape.

inner wear for plus size women

Here is another secret – inner garments define the shape of your body and help your body to compliment the dress. So, before you go shopping for fancy dresses, shop for inner garments of the correct size and type.


Did you know that horizontal stripes make you look wide? No? Well, they do. So, horizontal stripes and patterns are a big NO NO. If you like stripes, go for the vertical ones.

vertical pattern clothes for plus size women

You can choose any pattern that is vertical, because they will make you look long and more vertical rather than wide. This doesn’t mean that you have to fill your closet with clothes that have vertical patterns. Just keep the horizontals to a minimum.


The often heard so-called fact is that black makes you look thin. But, life needs some colour so, again don’t just stuff your wardrobe with just black like most plus sized people. It is not that only black will make a person look thinner, all dark colours tend to make people look thinner than usual.

Be bold and add all your favorite colours in. Don’t let your size stop you from wearing your favorite colour. Just make sure that the shape and cuts are right.

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Cuts And Shapes

The cut and shape of the dresses matter a lot when it comes to buying clothes. This is biggest secret of choosing the right dress for you. God created each person different and this applies to the shape of your body too. So, accept the fact that you are plump and figure out your shape.

Although, the shapes of people differ, there are a few common shapes like hour glass, apple, pear, rectangle, diamond and inverted triangle. So, look at yourself in the mirror and analyse your body shape. There are also approximate measurements and ratio of each shape available online. Go thought it and discover your body shape. Once you have discovered your shape, shopping the right clothes will not be a big problem for you.

fashionable clothes for plus size women

Skirts suit apple, diamond and inverted triangle shaped people. Hour glass shaped people can go for skirts too, but fish cuts will suit them better as it compliments their shape better and brings out those curves which most people envy. Pear shaped people should wear clothes that are a bit tight at the waist.

Dress sizes

The other trick is to buy the dress size that fits the biggest part of your body. If you have thick thighs and you want to buy a nice pair of pants, buy the size that lets your thighs slide in easy and also lets your skin breathe. Yes, this does mean that the pants may not sit right on your hips.

jean for plus size women

But, you know that they can always be altered, right? So, dont feel shy to pick a bigger size. Always try out the clothes you buy in the trail room, because without trying the dress on, it is difficult to get the right size.


Sometimes, you would just feel like trying out those t-shirts that stick to your body, but you would also be worried that it will show out the exact areas of fat accumulation and push out the belly when you sit.

plus size woman in jacket

This could be a problem as those kinds of clothes tend to make extra flab bulge out and spoil the look you’ve been trying to pull. Well, don’t worry fellow ladies! There is an easy solution to this problem – jackets. Purchase a jacket that hides the areas you want to hide. Simple, isn’t it?

So, what are you waiting for? Rush to the stores and pick your clothes. Give your body the clothes it deserves!

Happy shopping!