How To Avoid Stretch Marks Naturally

Stretch Marks Stretch marks occur as chasms or ugly crinkled lines, especially when the skin loses elasticity or has damaged dermal layering. These stretch marks are more common with pregnancy, sudden weight gain or loss, puberty or aggressive exercising.

All the above mentioned factors traumatize the skin, stretching, pulling and literally tearing the skin’s dermal layer. It is because of this, that stretch marks appear as unsightly textured marks on the skin surface. The best thing is that there are still many precautionary measures than can be taken to dissolve these unsightly marks.

You don’t have to rush to a cosmetologist to help you with stretch marks. They might be effective, but will cause a huge dent to your pocket, so before you think of running to that jazzy looking cosmetic clinic, resort to some easy to access products, at home.

Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Say Hello To Good Old Coconut And Almond Oil

Though the idea of oiling may seem repelling at times, but this is the crux to resolving the matter.

almonds oil

The more the surface is oiled or moisturized, the more quickly will the skin, over the stretch marks, heal. Use good old coconut or almond oil to replenish moisture to the area.

Vitamin E Supplements Do More Than You Believe

Vitamin E is known to help in the development of elastin and collagen of the skin, so popping the pill is a good idea. Squeezing those golden capsules, for their essential oil, and applying to the stretch marks will also suffice.

Lavender Oil And Cocoa Butter Are Skin Lovers

Cocoa butter is also rich in emollients and Vitamin E, which is essential for building the lost and damaged collagen of the skin. Hence, massaging cocoa butter, with a few drops of lavender oil, will be good for the stretch marks.

Chocolate Beauty Treatments For Your Skin

Apart from making you smell good, the oil will assist in soothing the traumatized skin. Rub the mixture well on stretch marks at least twice a day for about 10-15 minutes in circular motion, to dissolve the marks.

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Aloe Vera Gel Works Perfectly On Stretch Marks

A one stop solution for all skin care problems, aloe Vera gel also assists in resolving stretch marks issue aptly. Rub the fresh sap or gel from the leaf of the plant and see its wonderful performance! 10 minutes of massage, twice a day, is sufficient to make the marks disappear in no time.

Stretch Marks Can Be Healed By Simply Eating Well

Let food be the medicine for stretch marks. Eating well, as in consuming foods, which are rich in proteins, will be good for combating the stretch marks. Consume protein rich foods like milk, eggs, pulses and lean meat. Apart from that, consume water based fruits and vegetables, to keep the skin hydrated.

Simple And Easy Skin Care Regimen For Dry Skin

Consuming 6-8 glasses of water daily is a must as well. The idea is to have a diet that will hydrate and keep the body well moisturized and keep the stretch marks at bay. While you practice natural home remedies, don’t forget to keep your weight in check. Any fluctuations in the body weight will simply increase the problem.