How To Avoid Having Bacterial Vaginitis

How To Avoid Having Bacterial Vaginitis  One of the most common sex ailments that a woman can go through is that of bacterial vaginitis also known as bacterial vaginosis. As the name describes, it is an ailment in the vaginal area of a woman. In simple terms, it is the accumulation of bacteria in the vagina due to unhygienic ways of lifestyle or sexual intercourse. According to researches, it is so prevalent that every woman faces this crisis at least once in their lifetime.

The imbalance of bacteria can also cause this infection. Though the problem is not a very serious one, but then if not treated on time it can lead to other severe issues. Some of the symptoms that bacterial vaginitis brings along is itching, redness and discomfort. However, according to professionals bacterial vaginitis can reoccur again and again and cause the same problems for a woman.

It is always better that you look out for ways in which you can prevent the situation from happening. It is always better to look for preventive measures for curing the issue when it occurs.

This sex health guide below provides you with all the tips and advice on how to avoid having bacterial vaginitis. These steps are simple, safe and effective to follow. Along with this, these tips also ensure affordability on the pocket. Check them out to know more-

Preventive Measures for Bacterial Vaginitis

Foods to Avoid

There is a certain list of foods that are a complete no if you want to stay away from bacterial vaginosis.

How To Avoid Having Bacterial Vaginitis

These include caffeinated drinks, alcohol, saturated foods, fast and junk foods, greasy foods, citrus fruits, peanuts, bananas, processed foods, bread, pasta, fermented foods and all those items that are highly rich in carbohydrates. If you keep these foods away from your everyday meals, you have taken the first successful step towards preventing bacterial vaginitis.

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Keep Away From Sugars

It is also advised that you control the amount of sugar in the diet everyday. Sugar intake will only trigger the accumulation of bacteria in the vagina and can lead to infection. Refined grains and flour only break up into fat and sugars in the body. So try and exclude them from your daily diet.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is a good natural hydrator as well as one of the best to flush out the toxins and impurities from the body.

How To Avoid Having Bacterial Vaginitis

Drinking 10-12 glasses of water each day will ensure a clean and refreshed vagina free from any kind of bacteria. This will avoid the infection completely. Regular intake will also lead to good health of the vagina.

Wear Cotton Clothes

Cotton clothes and undergarments are suggested that lets air pass through. This will prevent bacteria accumulation as well as further infections. Herein, you should also avoid tight pants and lowers that can cause irritation in the area along with chances of infection.

Maintain Cleanliness

Along with washing the vaginal area twice daily with a mild soap, pat dry the area with a towel. Also, use toilet tissues to wipe the entire area every time after you urinate or excrete bowels.