3 Ways To Apply Makeup For Brown Eyes

3 Ways To Apply Makeup For Brown Eyes

The eyes are said to be the windows of our soul. The right makeup for your eyes can accentuate the beauty of this facial feature. If you are looking for the perfect makeup for brown eyes then you can choose from a wide range of colors and shades that can enhance the beauty of your stunning brown eyes. There is no need to stick to boring neutrals as people with brown eyes can experiment with a lot of eye makeup looks. Here are some simple makeup tips for brown eyes.

Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

When choosing the color for your eyes the essential thing to keep in mind is that dark colors can make your eyes look smaller while light, neutral hues can highlight your eyes, thus making them look bigger. Based on your eye shape and size, choose the colors that would best suit you. For a more natural look stick to neutral colors while for a dramatic look you can easily try dark, dramatic colors.

1. Choosing The Eyeshadow For Brown Eyes

One of the most important part of eye makeup, eyeshadows are available in a range of colors and finish. It is essential to choose the right eyeshadow shade. For brown eyes, shades of brown, gold and bronze are perfect for a neutral eye makeup.

If you have light brown eyes then opt for medium and dark tones of brown while women with dark brown eyes can use taupe and light brown shades to accentuate their eyes. If you want to opt for dramatic eye makeup then choose eye shadow colors of blue, purple, plum and green.

To highlight the beauty of your eyes blend dark colors with light colors. Use a light color on the lid and then apply a dark shade in the outer corner and crease. Use a light highlighter shade like white or light brown in the inner corners and under the eyebrows to highlight your eyes.

Opt for shimmer and metallic finish eyeshadow if you want to highlight your eyes. Matte eyeshadows can look a bit boring. You can try using shimmer eyeshadows on the lid coupled with matte eyeshadows in the crease and outer corner.

Remember to blend the color well with the eyeshadow blending brush. You can choose between cream and powder eyeshadows. Eyeshadow pigments are also quite popular as they provide intense pigmentation.

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2. Eyeliner For Brown Eyes

Used to define and highlight the eyes, eyeliner is an essential part of eye makeup. Shades of purple, black, forest green, turquoise or navy blue can be used for lining the eyes. Eyeliners are available in pencil and gel form. They can be waterproof and smudge proof so as to provide a more long lasting finish.

If you are using an eyeshadow then make sure that the liner is a shade darker than the eyeshadow color. Outline your lash line starting from the inner corners to the outer corner. Draw a thin line in the inner corner and slowly thicken the line as you move outwards.

3. Choosing The Shade Of Mascara

While black mascara is usually the best for brown eyes, you can also opt for colored mascaras in blue, brown and purple shades for a more dramatic look. Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes and then apply the mascara from the roots to the tips of the lashes.

If you are opting for dramatic eye makeup then keep the rest of the makeup simple and minimal. However, if you want to stick to neutral makeup for brown eyes the you can use bold lip colors as well. You can experiment with various looks and colors to find out which ones suit you the best.