How To Apply Concealer For Day Make-Up

How To Apply Concealer For Day Make-up Concealer, when perfectly applied will not only give you a porcelain looking skin but will also effectively hide all your dark circles, freckles, wrinkles and blemishes. Here’s how you would apply concealer for your day makeup.

Concealer Tips For Day Make-Up


Opt for a yellowish toned cream based concealer. Ideally it should be a shade lighter than your skin tone that would blend in the best. It’s perfect to hide your under eye circles.

The yellow color covers up the blue-black color of the under eye circles. If the circles are not too deep then a simple stick conealer would work fine. But if they are very dark in color then you would need to use a corrector.

If you have a fair complexion then the right corrector color for you, however is ivory and sand. Honey, caramel, almond or even a golden hued concealer is more for those with a slightly darker complexion.

Concealer For Under Eye Circles

Before you begin applying your concealer you will need to hydrate your under eye areas with a light eye cream. Aloevera gels work well. Let this cream stay for a while so that it gets absorbed into the skin.

How To Apply Concealer For Day Make-Up

Once this is done you can apply your corrector with a brush. Work your way fm the inner corner to the outer corner of your eyes. Follow a semi circle pattern when you are applying. After this is done you can blend it well into your skin with the brush itself or even with the tip of your finger.

Now move onto your concealer application. Start from the inner most corner and move to the out end, staying every close to the lash line. Often applying a slightly different shade as your second layer once the first is done, adds extra brightness to your eyes.

Make sure you blend it well with the pad of your fingers after you have finished the application. If this is not done properly then the skin will look cracked and creased. Just in case if you are applying more than one layer, let the first settle in a bit before you move onto the next one.

An expert tip is that it is always best to apply a concealer in layers than altogether in one single time. Lastly, apply some translucent powder on the conealer makeup. This will keep your makaeup in place and will avoid it fm getting smudged.

Concealer For Pimples And Scars

First moisturize your skin with a light moisturizer. Then use an appropriate colored stick concelaer that suits your skin on the blemish.

How To Apply Concealer For Day Make-Up

Avoid using a lighter shade as then it would stand out and make the mark even more visible. Finally use a powder puff to apply translucent powder. This will help to blend in your makeup to perfection.

Concealer For Wrinkles

First hydrate your skin with a rich cream. Avoid powders in your makeup as they often cause the wrinkles to stand out more prominently. While using a concealer, use a cream based one.

Once the concealer and the foundation has been applied, use blush to highlight your cheeks and also to draw attention away from the troubled wrinkled and sagging skin areas.

An expert advice in this case is to avoid concealing the wrinkles around the lips with foundation. This is because they often settle into the wrinkles thus making them stand out. Instead use some lip gloss over your lipstick to draw attention away from these creases.