7 Homemade Nail Polish Remover Alternatives

7 Homemade Nail Polish Remover Alternatives

Had a nail polish matching with your pink dress yesterday? And worried about how it’ll look with your blue dress you are going to wear today? Here comes the need of a nail polish remover. Just polish your nails and remove it anytime you want for a new polish. Though these nail polish removers can do the work for a minute but have you ever thought of the chemicals involved in it. As it’s a matter of our fingertips that are in use while we eat, you should give it a thoughtful consideration if you are a frequent user of these removers. They contain organic solvents that can be harmful for your skin. It is also said that they weaken the nails.

Moreover, you must have experienced that these nail polish removers evaporate very easily. So, what’s the use in paying for these expensive removers that disappear after using once or twice? Secondly, what you will do if, by any chance, you are not carrying this remover in case of urgency. Well, thanks to the nature that has given solutions to such problems. There are alternatives for these nail polish removers. You can use natural products for the same that are easily available at home. The advantages of these homemade removers are that they are cheap, easily available and the biggest thing that they don’t contain any chemicals that can cause harm to our skin. These are eco-friendly and very safe to use. Listed below are some of these homemade nail polish removers:

Homemade Nail Polish Removers

1. Alcohol

Take a piece of cotton dipped in alcohol and rub it over your nails. The nail polish will start coming out from the surface of your nails. Alcohol is a disinfectant also; with helping in the removal of polish, it also protects the nail from bacterial infections. Especially, rubbing alcohol is very effective for polish removing. Rubber alcohol is a denatured alcoholic solution that contains 70% ethanol and is a very good disinfectant. Though it may take some more time to remove the polish, but the best thing is that it does not contain the chemicals commonly found in commercial nail polish remover.

2. Vinegar

Dip a piece of cotton in vinegar and rub over the nails. Another effective way to use vinegar is to take a bowl and add vinegar solution in it. Vinegar solution contains vinegar and lemon juice. You can add orange juice also in place of lemon juice. Soak your fingernails inside the solution for 10-15 minutes and start rubbing the nails inside the solution itself. Actually, vinegar and citrus fruits can acids that help in breaking the polish layer. So, it is an easy way to remove nail polish.

3. Hot Water

This is the simplest method of removing nail polish. Boil a cup of water and dip your fingernails into it. Hold for 10 minutes and start rubbing the nails with cotton. But be sure not to over-boil it. Just heat the water to the temperature you can tolerate. Hot water softens the nail polish and when we rub it, it wipes off with the water.

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4. Toothpaste

Though it may sound funny but toothpaste acts as a very good nail polish remover. Take some amount of toothpaste over the nails and rub using cotton immediately. If the toothpaste gets dried, it may not be that effective. The nail color will come out off the nails along with the paste. It is a cheap and easy way as it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

5. Perfume

If there’s some amount of perfume left in your bottle, don’t throw it. It can still be useful as a nail polish remover. Wet the cotton with perfume and rub the nails with it. Acetone present in perfumes act as an agent for removing nail polish. The commercial nail polish removers also have acetone.

6. Hair Spray

Spray some amount of hair spray over the cotton and rub off your nail paint. It will take only few minutes to remove it as it contain ingredients used for making a commercial nail polish remover.

7. New Nail Paint

Do you know, every nail paint consists ingredients that help in its removal? Yes, it’s true. So take new nail paint, apply it over the old one and immediately rub it off with a piece of cotton. The old paint will remove some old paint also.