9 Home Treatment For Stretch Marks

Home Treatment For Stretch Marks

Most women get stretch marks due to pregnancy. It can also be due to weight gain. In some women, there is a hereditary tendency to develop stretch marks.

Stretch marks stay forever. When there are stretch marks, there is formation of reddish lines, which become white later on. Home treatment for stretch marks is the best option. Some home treatments and remedies for stretch marks are as follows.

Treatment For Stretch Marks

1. Massaging With Oils

You can rub and massage the abdomen as well as hips with olive oil. You can also massage the affected area with Vitamin E. This improves the blood circulation and decreases the stretch marks. You can also massage the affected area with calendula oil. Some other suitable oils for massaging are lavender oil, castor and flaxseed oil. Some women may benefit by massaging cod liver oil. You can apply a mixture of avocado or jojoba oil with few drops of lavender and chamomile on the affected area. Massaging with these oils is the best home treatment for stretch marks.

2. Using Coco Butter 

Apply cocoa butter on the body. You can mix the coco butter with coconut oil and limejuice. Apply this mixture on the stretch marks. You can also apply elastin cream on the affected area. Make a mixture of almond, lavender and chamomile oils. This is an effective home treatment for stretch marks. Another home treatment for stretch marks is rubbing the juice of potato on the skin.

3. Using Scrubs

Use of scrubs like apricot and walnuts scrubs can help in removing stretch marks. If women use the scrubs during pregnancy, the stretch marks will not develop. Scrubbing is the best home treatment for stretch marks for pregnant women.

4. Exfoliating With Sugar

Exfoliate the skin with natural white sugar for three to five minutes every day while showering. Mix crushed Vitamin C capsules with a moisturizer. Apply it on the affected area, and then dab some olive oil above this mixture. This remedy helps in the treatment of stretch marks.


5. Herbal Products

If you want herbal remedy for stretch marks, you can make a mixture of wheat germ oil and calendula oil. Apply this mixture regularly on the stomach, hips and breast. You can use some herbal products like sandalwood and neem for stretch marks.

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6. Aloe Vera Mixture

You can make another mixture of Aloe Vera gel, virgin olive oil, and a few capsules of Vitamin E and A. Mix this mixture in a blender and store it in a refrigerator. Apply the mixture on the affected areas.

7. Exercise

To prevent stretch marks, you must exercise. Do exercises that tone the muscles. Exercise will make the skin firm. It helps in tightening the muscles, thus preventing stretch marks.

8. Drinking Enough Fluids

You must drink enough fluids to prevent dry skin. If the skin is hydrated properly, the skin pores are detoxified. It makes the skin elastic, which helps in preventing stretch marks. You must drink water at regular intervals throughout the day several times.

9. Consume A Nutritious Diet

To prevent stretch marks, you must consume a nutritious diet. Take foods that contain protein and Vitamins A and C. You must also take foods that contain Vitamin E and K. These vitamins impart elasticity to the skin and provide nutrition.

You must take vitamin rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and fish. You must consume leafy greens and citrus fruits. Take foods that contain zinc like seeds and nuts. To reduce stretch marks, you should consume milk along with other dairy products.