Home Remedies For Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure If you are a patient of high blood pressure and have frequent readings which go beyond 14O (systolic pressure) or 90 (diastolic pressure), then you must trigger off the administration of medications which serve to keep blood pressure under control.

Along with medical interventions, these simple tips will also help you lead a healthier life with lesser worry and lower degrees of hypertension and blood pressure.

Home Remedies To Control High Blood Pressure

As lifestyle plays an extremely important role in curing the effects and causes of high blood pressure, a healthy lifestyle is one of the primary ways of keeping the same under check. Certain simple lifestyle changes go a long way in reducing blood pressure readings and keeping them constantly low. These are:

Loosing Those Extra Kilos

It is a well known fact that an increase in blood pressure levels is directly proportional to the increase in body weight. The formula is fairly simple: lesser the weight lower the blood pressure. The effectiveness of medicines prescribed for controlling blood pressure also increases with lowering of weight.

Height And Weight Imbalance

A properly formatted diet chart and healthy exercise regime for weight reduction helps in shedding pounds and wiping off those extra inches from the waistline. In general terms, men are at a greater risk of being diagnosed for hypertension if their waist size goes beyond 40 inches while 45 inches signal danger for women.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise of any form and physical activity which takes at least 30-60 minutes every day,  helps in preventing the blood pressure from shooting too high. To avoid being diagnosed for high blood pressure, those with systolic pressure levels between 120 and 139 and readings of dialstolic pressure that exceeds 80-89, should strive to bring down the readings through a prescribed exercise plan and further restrictions. Light strength training and simple walking for a few minutes regularly, are better recommendations than hectic weekend workouts which can pose enhanced risks.

Eating Healthy

A diet which proves to be rich in fruits, whole grains, vegetables and dairy products(low fat content), can help in lowering the blood pressure levels by up to 14 mm Hg. Along with cutting down of high cholesterol and fatty food, it is important to bring about changes in the eating habits and timings and follow the DASH plan.

healthy eating habits

This Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet chart helps in keeping track and monitoring the quantity, type of food consumed, their impact on the health conditions and role of their ingredients in increasing/decreasing the blood pressure levels.

Fruits and vegetables which contain natural sources of potassium as well as supplements which contain this mineral in adequate quantities, also help in keeping the blood pressure levels lower. Avoid junk food and fast food items which are fried or contain high levels of cholesterol.

Reducing Sodium Intake

According to experts, a small reduction in the quantity of sodium consumed, is capable of bringing down the blood pressure levels by 2 to 8 mm Hg. Limiting sodium to only 2,300 milligrams (mg) or less (in the daily diet) in active people and up to 1,500 mg a day or less, in those aged more than 51 years, can alleviate the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure as well.

Saying No To Excessive Salt

Salt intake in the food should be cut down as far as possible. It is also crucial to read the percentage of sodium content on the food labels pasted on pre-packed food and beverages. Processed food such as chips, bacon, frozen dinners and pre cooked lunch meats, tend to have a higher degree of sodium in them and should be avoided.

salty food

Herbs can be used instead of salt to heighten the flavor of the food. Slow and steady cutting back on the quantity of salt consumed during the day, adjusts the palate to lower salt and brings the pressure levels down.

Limiting Alcohol Consumption

Taken in small quantities, alcohol helps in bringing down high blood pressure by 2 to 4 mm Hg. However, excessive consumption of the same can serve to be more harmful than protective. Alcohol consumption which goes beyond more than a drink per day for women and more than two pegs on a daily basis for men can be potentially harmful for the heart and blood pressure levels.

If you want to eliminate alcohol from your life, it is important to take the advice of a medical expert before starting off on a detoxification drive. Sudden stoppage of alcohol in the blood stream can have its own negative effects and the act should be avoided.

Avoiding Active And Passive Smoking

Apart from the other threatening effects of smoke, the presence of nicotine in cigarettes and other products based on tobacco increase the blood pressure levels by 10 mm Hg or more, for more than an hour after their intake.


Compulsive and chain smokers are under the risk of having high blood pressure readings across the day. Apart from smokers, people imbibing second hand smoke are also at an increased risk of heart ailments and high blood pressure. So, just stop smoking!

Cutting Back On Caffeine

Though comparatively harmless, the role of caffeine in raising blood pressure levels is still debatable and requires further evidence. The temporary hike in blood pressure after a hot cup of coffee, soda, tea or other caffeinated beverages may or may not be long lasting. However, according to experts, it is better to cut down on caffeine as far as possible.

Reducing Stress

Most patients suffering from high blood pressure are prone to being anxious and taking up a lot of stress in relation to their family matters, finances and health issues. Stressors, trigger off the causes linked with high blood pressure and should therefore be controlled through relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, music therapy and other ways of releasing and reducing stress levels.


Proper and regular monitoring of blood pressure levels, leading a life free from anxiety and stress and taking good help from friends and family members to alleviate the causes of high blood pressure, help in bring the same under control and keep you healthier and stronger for a very long period in your life.