4 Home Remedies For A Rash Under The Breasts

Rash Under The Breasts

Rashes under the breast are very common among women living in countries with hot and humid climate. It is caused when the lower part of the breast rubs against the skin underneath thus resulting in skin irritation and redness. The perspiration and moisture trapped beneath the breast or lack of hygiene can aggravate the condition. The rashes are often red and are extremely itchy.

There may be a burning sensation and smell as well if the rashes are caused by fungal infection. Breast rashes can assail women of all ages. However, women with larger breasts and pregnant women are more likely to get these rashes. There are many simple home remedies that can keep the rashes at bay and allow you to deal with any infections.

How To Treat Rashes Under Breasts

1. Apply Baby Powder On Rashes

To avoid the accumulation of moisture in the area beneath the breasts apply baby powder. The powder soaks the excess moisture in the area and keeps it dry and fresh. Before using the powder, clean the area well with soap and water. Use a towel to dry the area properly and then apply baby powder on top. This will also help prevent itching and redness that are caused by the rashes.

2. Medicated Powders And Creams

Rashes under the breast can also be caused by fungal and bacterial infections. Apply over the counter anti fungal and anti bacterial creams and powders containing zinc oxide to cure the rashes. Calamine lotions can soothe the skin and hydrocortisone creams can provide relief from the itching caused by dermatitis.

3. Cornstarch For Rashes

Cornstarch is an excellent home remedy to cure itching and redness caused by the rashes. Clean the area well and remove all traces of moisture. Apply cornstarch to the area and sit for some time.

4. Apply Lemon Juice And Honey

Honey is a great remedy for bacterial and anti fungal infections. Moreover, lemon juice is a rich source of Vitamin C that can fight the infections. Mix lemon juice and honey and apply it on the rashes to cure it. Local application of turmeric has also been known to cure breast rashes as it has strong antibacterial and anti fungal properties. You can mix this with lemon and honey or apply it on its own to cure the rashes.

Avoid breast rashes by wearing loose fitting cotton clothes and stay cool. Wear the right size bra and make sure that you launder the bra properly in hot water. Clean the area under the breasts properly and make sure you dry it. If the breasts come into contact with the skin underneath then place a piece of cotton to act as a shield. This will prevent chaffing and skin irritation and also soak the excess moisture from the skin.

In certain cases women who have high blood sugar levels can suffer from these problems as the high glucose in the blood can cause fungal infections. Monitoring the diet and taking diabetic medications can resolve the problem. If the rashes continue to persist despite your care and treatment it is best to see a doctor.