Home Ingredients That Add Moisture To Dry Hair

Dry Hair

The problem of dryness and dullness in the hair is quite a common and prevalent problem especially among women and girls. A lot of times it becomes very difficult to maintain the shine and softness in long hair.

However, if you are someone who is looking for flawless beauty where hair is concerned, it is very significant to follow a strict regimen. Nowadays styling of hair has becomes a trendsetter but it is one of the major reasons for the damage and dryness of hair.

Hair treatments like coloring can also create issues for the health of the hair and hair follicles. There might be a lot of ways and procedures available in the parlors that promise to get back the lost luster but it is not always feasible nor that effective to go ahead with such plans.

If you really want effective solutions for dry and brittle hair that is prone to hair thinning and breakage, then it is always recommended that you look for some wonderful products at home. These natural products mentioned below prove a miracle for the hair and deeply nourish it in an affordable and safe manner.

Natural Home Products For Nourishing Dry Hair

Use Mayonnaise


Straight from your refrigerator, mayonnaise is one of those products that have innumerable benefits for the hair. One of the top ones that you are looking for is deep moisturizer. The product is full of fats and water.

Application of this item for at least half an hour will show instant difference in the texture of the hair. Follow the remedy once every week to get rid of your problem. It is suggested that you rinse the hair thoroughly as it might leave a bad smell.



When we talk about home ingredients for dry hair, missing out avocados is just not possible. It is undoubtedly one of the best options in hand where natural products are concerned.

The high levels of vitamins, proteins and fats in avocados treat the dryness in an easy and safe manner. You can prepare a hair mask by making a fine paste of avocados and mixing it with some other great products like eggs and olive oil.

Honey Wonders


Honey has high levels of moisturizing and hydrating properties not only for the skin but also for the hair. The vitamin and enzyme content in this food product is what is advantageous for the hair.

All you need to do is apply the honey evenly on the hair strands, cover it with plastic and leave overnight. Wash it early morning to see what good outcomes it has for your hair. Make sure you even apply honey on the scalp along with the strands.


Coconut Oil & Olive Oil

Coconut and Olive oil are the two most common home ingredients that are available in each house.

You can very well massage the hair gently with any of the two or a combination just one hour prior to shampooing and conditioning. Olive oil and coconut oil both nourish the hair well in a cheap way. Use this method at least once in a week.

Home Ingredients That Add Moisture To Dry Hair