Hide Love Bites/Hickeys With Simple Makeup

Hide Love Bites/Hickeys Love-bite or Hicky is like an autograph of love , it’s a symbol of pride for the lovers. Love bite is the result of continuing sucking the skin. This activity forms blood clots under the skin which reddens the outer skin, with time it changes from purple to blue.

But it’s a matter of embarrassment in front of respectable people or in any official atmosphere. It unfolds the privacy of your physical intimacy with your partner. Which should be under the curtain of your bedroom and you don’t like show off it often in public. So what will you do?

Will you keep off your partner or deprive yourself from the cuddling of your lover? Absolutely no!! We are giving you some simple make-up tips which will help you to hide the love-bites to save you from embarrassment without any interference in your love-life.

Make Up Tips to Hide Love Bites/Hickeys

Clean The Area

Before applying make-up, you need to clean the area properly. Wash the skin area with a mild soap or face wash and pat it dry with a clean towel.


Toner is necessary for this type make up it not only will help the make up to stay long time but also work to keep it smudge free. Pour few drops of toner on a cotton ball and apply on the affected area.


Concealer is very much helpful to hide any kind of spots or marks. So you can try concealer to hide the hicky. If your hicky is of reddish colour then apply green coloured concealer, if it’s got purple or colour blue, then yellow or orange will work best.

makeup tips to hide love bites

If you want, you can blend two colour together. As it got faded with time, its colour changes to yellowish, which can be covered up by lavender concealer. You need to take a drop of concealer and apply on the love bite.


Now it’s a turn for foundation, choose a foundation lighter than your skin colour. Apply it over the hicky and also the areas around the affected area, otherwise it will reflect the make-up on the love bite heavily, so surrounded areas too need to be highlighted. Apply the foundation over all that area and blend it well to give a natural look.

Compact Powder

Finally swirl the compact powder over the love bite as finishing touch of the make-up. Apart from make-up, you can also take other advantages to hide the hicky or love bite.

Few More Tips

Rub A Piece Of Ice

At the very initial stage , rub a piece of ice on the hicky, it will prevent the formation of blood clot and stop further bleeding into that area under the skin. So that your skin in that area will not get darker.

hide love bites

But make sure don’t don’t rub the ice directly on the skin cover it by a plastic bag or paper towel. It is an easy remedy to get rid of love bite or hicky without any pain. If this process doesn’t work, you can follow the tips below;


If your love bite is on your neck area then you can wear outfits with high collar to cover it. If it’s a winter time then nothing will be better to wear than turtle neck or polo neck sweater to hide the hicky. If the location of the hicky on the upper neck than you may go for fashionable thick neck-piece matching your outfit, such as a scarf it will not only make you look fashionable but also hide all the traces of the love bite.


This tips goes with women only because most of the guys don’t have long hair. So women can let their hair down to cover the area of the love-bite, it’s the instant and simple way to cover up the hicky , though you cant go with it for a long time.