7 Fun Hairstyles For Women With Small Forehead


We know why you are here! Looks like you have a small forehead and you want to change that. Everybody wants to look different. We see no problem with a large or small forehead but if you want to make your tiny forehead look larger, you can go through the list we have prepared for you. The list has 7 Fun Hairstyles for Women with Small Foreheads. Looks like you will find the perfect hairstyle for yourself in this list. Take a quick look!

Here are the 7 Fun Hairstyles for Women with Small Foreheads:

1. Pixie Side Swept Bangs

Get a pixie cut and ask your stylist to give you side swept bangs. It looks good on women with a small forehead. It will hide your forehead which in turn will keep you stress free. Your forehead will not be visible which means you do not need to think about how small it is. If you want, you can add some color to your hair for the extra funky look.

Pixie Side Swept Bangs

2. Short Bangs

The short bangs are perfect for a woman with a small forehead. Your full forehead will not be visible which means that it will give an impression that you have a longer forehead. The short bangs look very chic and you can get them on longer hair too. It elongates your face and your forehead both.

Short Bangs

3. Pulled Back With Braid

Pull back your hair and make a braid – your small forehead will look longer because your hair will be pulled back which in turn elongates your forehead. We find this very feminine and the hairstyle is very stylish as well. It is a daily hairstyle that you can make for office or even a hangout with friends. It looks cute for a date too.

Pulled Back With Braid

4. Sleek Pulled Back Ponytail

Pull back your hair and make a ponytail. As we mentioned above, pulled back hair elongates your forehead making it look longer and your small forehead will not look tiny anymore. Make a sleek ponytail behind. It is such a nice hairstyle that we ourselves would love to sport it everyday!

Sleek Pulled Back Ponytail

5. Side Swept Hairstyle

Women with a small forehead should try to keep as much hair away from their face. Just keep all your hair side swept for an illusion of a longer forehead. You can make this simple hairstyle for a wedding or a clubbing scene. It will make your small forehead look bigger and nicer. Also, it is very fashionable to sport this look.

Side Swept Hairstyle

6. Stylish Messy Topknot

Gather your hair and make a top knot with your hair. You need a messy top knot and not such a clean one. This is a very rugged and stylish look. It will make your small forehead look a little larger and elongated. We find this look very chic. You can sport this look everyday for college or even office. We totally love it!

Stylish Messy Topknot

7. Slicked Back Bun

This is an office look. You can also make this for a clubbing look. You want your hair to be parted and slicked to the sides and make a bun out of it. It looks fantastic! You can wear formals with this look or a bodycon dress. Your small forehead will look longer and you will look very stylish as well.

Slicked Back Bun

Did you find what you were looking for? We sure know that you did! Try to make each of the hairstyles and see what suits you the best. Make sure you wear the right outfit with it. We are sure you will look great and your small forehead will look longer and prettier.