6 Hair Straightening The Natural Way!

Hair Straightening The Natural Way!

The best accessory to a stunning figure and a glowing skin is healthy straight hair. With straight hair you can experiment different hair-styles and can mould your entire look according to your outfit on different occasions. Those who are not blessed with straight hair yet dream to get such hair, generally take the help of artificial ways of straightening hair, either rush to parlours, or buy straightener or blow dryer or different chemicals etc.

These methods serves your need quickly and temporarily but tortures of too much of hair-ironing, dryers and chemicals may end up in dry, rough and unhealthy hair or even hair-fall problems. But now you can relax, because you don’t need to go through these anymore to get your much desired straight hair as we bring you some simple and easy tips to straighten your hair naturally.

Natural Ways To Straighten Hair

1. Coconut And Lime Juice

Take a fresh coconut and extract the coconut milk from it, Pour the milk into a glass and few drops of lime juice into it, now mix it very well. After that, keep the glass in the refrigerator for couple of hours. The blending will become thick and sticky, now apply it to your hair and hair root as well. Now soak a towel into hot water and squeeze the dipping water ,then wrap your hair up with the towel and leave it for one hour. Then rinse your hair off with cold water. Try this method atleast thrice a week and you will find its working.

2. Milk

Its also an useful treatment to straighten your wavy or curly hair. Pour one third cup of milk and water in an empty spray bottle. On the other side wet your hair and scalp by splash of milk and let it dry. As the hair will become dry , spray the milk all over your hair, that you kept into the spray bottle and again let it dry for 20 minutes. Then shampoo your hair and also use conditioner. Finally rinse it off with lukewarm water and let the hair become dry.

3. Milk And Honey

Milk and honey is a great combo not only for the health of your body but for your hair also. It gives nourishment to your hair and helps in straightening as well. Mix one table-spoon of honey with one cup of milk,  if you want you can add some amount of smashed strawberries with it and make a fine paste. Now apply the paste throughout the hair for two hours. Then wash your hair with shampoo and will experience a soft, silky and straight hair.

4. Hot Oil Treatment

One of the most popular and useful is method is hot oil treatment.  Take some warm olive/coconut oil in a cup and gently massage all over you scalp. Now take a towel soaked into hot water then squeeze it to drain the extra water and now wrap it up with your hair. Leave it for 15/20 minutes and then clean your hair with shampoo. Try this treatment thrice a week and you will find your curly or wavy hair not only slick but also smooth and shiny.

 5. Fuller’s Earth

Blend one cup of multani mitti , one egg, rice flour with some water, now apply the mixture throughout your hair. Start combing your hair side by side to keep them straight. Wait for one hour then start combing your hair again. Leave it for two hours and let it dry, but make sure your hair lay straight.  Afterwards, wash it off and you will get lustrous, straight and soft hair.

6. Some More Tips

Apart from above there are also some ideas which can provide you slick and healthy hair in a natural way, without damaging it.

• Whenever you shampoo your hair ,make sure you use a good conditioner. It will clean your scalp and relax your hair-roots and soften the waves and curls as well.

• Prepare a mixture of smashed bananas, two tablespoon of yogurt, egg white, honey, and olive oil , and now apply the paste on your hair and cover your hair with shower cap for half an hour. Then rinse it off.

• Take some hot oil olive or coconut or castor oil into a cup and mix with aloe vera gel, six drop of rosemary or sandle-wood oil.  Now apply the paste on your scalp and massage it gently, leave it for one hour. Then wash it off.

• Castor oil also helps in straightening your hair.