5 Flattering Hair Colors For Green Eyes With Different Skin Tones


Hair Colors For Green Eyes With Different Skin Tones

Green eyes are considered to be the best sign of beauty and females having such eyes always receive countless compliments from their friends only because of their gorgeous green eyes. You can receive more compliment about your look if you prefer the right hair color as per your green eyes as well as your skin tone. You also need to consider your present hair color while choosing different hair color for your green eyes and it is always advisable to use colors which are somehow close to your natural hair color. Here are some best hair colors suitable to green eyes for females having different skin tone which will definitely make your presence unique and elegant everywhere including prom parties too:-

1. Red Hair Color For Fair Skin:

If you’ve green eyes with fair skin tone then you must opt for dark shades likes shades of maroon or bright red hair color as it will add extra warmth to your look. If your hair colors are naturally brown then you can go fro warm undertones like rich chocolate and golden brown for adding utmost shine to your fair skin. If you’ve idea of going for blonde then you can try honey blondes or white blondes on your fair skin as such light hair colors are always complimented on green eyes.

Red Hair color for fair skin

2. Brown Hair Color For Medium Skin Tone:

Females with medium skin tone can try special hair colors like rich golden brown and chocolate brown as such colors looks flattering on green eyes. Copper based colors also add a glamorous touch to its user personality when it is preferred with prom dresses or any casual outfit.

Brown Hair Color for medium skin tone

3. Golden Blonde For Olive Skin Tone:

Girls having green eyes with olive skin tone are considered to be very lucky as they can try out various blends of colors on such skin tone. Females are very much fond of using rich golden blonde on olive skin and green eyes because golden blonde adds natural glow the facial skin thereby highlighting the golden flecks in their eyes perfectly.

Golden Blonde for olive skin tone

4. Yellow Or Orange Hair Colors For Warm Skin Tone:

If you possess warm skin tone then warm hair colors like yellow, orange or red will give best complement to your skin.. If you want to try something different then you can go for rich blondes like butter platinum, honey, gold or champagne on your warm skin. Such hair colors are highly preferred by many celebrities too having green eyes with warm skin tone. Office goers can opt for rich red or rich chocolate browns hair colors to add utmost simplicity but charming look with her green eyes paired with warm skin tone. It is always recommended to avoid the black hair blonde on warm skin tone as it never looks flattering on such skin tone.

Yellow or Orange Hair colors for warm skin tone

5. Light Hair Colors For Cool Skin Tone:

If you owns cool skin tone then you can try all types of light hair colors on your green eyes but if you wants to go for something darker shades then hair colors like brown, red or blonde will definitely suits your personality. Hair colors like purple burgundy or red having purple tint are some amazing shades which you can try for your cool skin tone. Lovers of blondes can go for shades like ash, platinum, white or strawberry as such shades look fabulous on cool skin. Teenage girls can also try ash brown or colors having violet base on their cool skin tone for attaining gorgeous look on any special celebrating event.

Light Hair colors for cool skin tone