12 Amazing Hacks To Groom Your Ageing Troubled Skin

12 Amazing Hacks To Groom Your Ageing Troubled Skin

Skin’s needs keep fluctuating according to weather conditions, hormonal changes, heat exposure and much more. And one such very prominent situation is aging. What your skin needed when you were a teenager isn’t what it essentially needs now, when you are closing in on the later stages of life. The reason is, the elasticity of your cells and the strength of collagen to bind the skin to muscles is no more the same. However, this isn’t really a disheartening condition if you alter your regular beauty regimen. So ladies, it is worthy to realize that this is actually the time that your skin is demanding much more and much different care. So, to help you have a glowing skin that isn’t saggy, we have found 12 skin care tips that will very much transform the way you look.

1. Use Ice

It’s almost a proven celebrity skin care secret that ice can actually work against heat damage caused to cells. It also reduces the chances of white spot formation and wrinkling.

Use Ice

2. Use De-Tans

Tanning or pigmentation will double the aging process. Invest your time in using de-tan herbal creams that are built on a strict no ammonia formula. Opt for the ones having fruit acids.

3. Use Conditioning Moisturizers

Extent of dryness in aging skin isn’t the same as it is in younger skin. It is no more the time to experiment with less hydrating products according to weather. Your skin, in all seasons, will be susceptible to getting chapped. So, always keep it covered with a conditioning Shea and aloe based product.

4. Use Sunscreens And Sunblocks

Your skin now needs a shield from aging as well as heat induced burning. Sunscreens guard against UVA (aging) rays and sunblock guards against UVB (burning) rays. And your skin is extra sensitive to both. So, start using a blend of both. And ensure you use it every 4 hours when indoors, and every 2 hours under heat and sun.

5. Skip Hot Water Bath

No matter how much you love it, hot water will expose your skin cells to heat. And heat will dry out the cells further. This will trigger the formation of wrinkles by shrinking the cells and its plasma. Better you use tap water.

6. Use Herbal Scrubs

Scrubbing will still be your best exfoliating companion. However, it comes with a mild twist for you. The anti-aging scrubs infused with powerful herbs will pamper your soft and sensitive cells with natural antioxidants. And these antioxidants will keep removing free radicals from your skin.

7. Use Serums

Skin’s normal pH is acidic. And any alkaline condition actually starts pigmenting the epidermis. And since the collagen becomes much incompetent with age, the pH tilts to alkaline from acidic. Probiotics have excellent acidic nature that makes the skin acidic as well. This ensures the pH stays undisturbed.

8. Use Oil Based Face Wash

What your skin needs the most is essential oils. These oils ensure the cell quality do not deteriorate. Extra smoothness on a daily basis is an inevitable part of skin pampering for you now. Do not invest in using oil free cleansers. Instead of adding glow, they will rip off oil from your skin.

9. Eat Right

Your diet should be a bundle of citrus foods and vitamin A rich vegetables. The more you’ll invest in eating vitamins, and the more you’ll cut on starch, the better your circulatory system will remain. And strong blood circulation will ensure the cells will not be devoid of oxygen. This will keep them plump.

10. Use Lip Conditioners

Remember, lips are far more sensitive than even the eye skin. And aging hits them badly. Chapped lips will also give birth to wrinkles around lip corners. Thus, ensure you use glycerin based lip balms every two hours. Do not forget to apply a thick lip conditioner before you sleep.

11. Use Less Makeup

You need to keep your cells breathable all the time now. And the best way to do so is letting air in and out of your pores. Using lesser and lighter occasional makeup is one way of doing so. Also, ensure you do not use lip, face or eye primers too often anymore.

12. Massage Your Skin

Use a mineral rich oil to massage your face and neck at least once a week. The best is, use a blend of olive oil and almond oil. This will not just soften your skin, but will also tighten it with the power of antioxidants these oils contain. Leave them overnight.

Massage Your Skin

Other than these new tips, keep a pace with few normals like, drink more water, quit on alcohol and cigarettes, exercise, remove makeup before sleeping and use non comedogenic products. And with this, you’re set to look softer and radiant throughout.