Four Tips To Wear A Tuxedo For Women

tuxedo Many people believe that a tuxedo is an alternative to a woman’s formal gowns while a lot of other people believe it is one of the formal outfits for women that make them look sophisticated yet glamorous. A tuxedo is a suit which in worn on formal occasion evenings which include a formal jacket.

Tuxedo is also referred to the “black tie” dress. More than women we see men in a tuxedo but these days the trends are changing and a lot of women are seen wearing a tuxedo. If a woman is bored of wearing the usual formal dresses or shirts she should try a tuxedo. A tuxedo is essentially a formal dress code. It is often said to be an after 6 p.m. dress. Many women do not know how to wear or choose a tuxedo. A few tips will solve their problem and help them in wearing a tux without much difficulty.

Tips for Wearing a Tuxedo

Wear Tuxedo Which Have Been Tailored To Fit You

A woman should avoid renting a tuxedo and opt to wear a tux which has been tailored just for her. Renting a tuxedo is a simpler and easier way out but it usually does not give you the proper fit a woman is looking for.

woman in fit tuxedo

Hence, always make an effort to wear a tuxedo tailored for you and go for the trial before buying it.

Stick To The Traditional

Do not go for very colorful and elaborate pieces of tuxedos. Always stick to the traditional colors and keep it simple. Black and white tuxedos look the best and are worn by the maximum. No other color can match their elegance. The traditional tuxedo looks the best.

It looks both simple and elegant. There are a few different types of button styles available for a tuxedo but the single button style looks the best and the most flattering than the other options available.

Tie The Bow Yourself

Clip on bows for a tuxedo is a big no. Always tie the bow yourself. Make sure you have learnt to tie the bow before you wear a tuxedo as it requires a bit of practice.

woman tying a bow

If you are in a hurry avoid wearing a bow as it takes time and if the bow is not done properly it spoils the entire look of your tux.

Minimal Accessories

A woman should keep her accessories to the minimum. When a woman is wearing a tuxedo she should keep her accessories to the minimum. A simple diamond stud looks the best in the ears while a watch on the wrist in enough. To give a more formal look to her tuxedo a woman can wear heel sandals or shoes.

A tuxedo needs to be worn properly. Most women just don’t get the right mix of it. Hence, to look different one must wear her tuxedo just the correct way. A tuxedo is to be worn for formal evening occasions. A woman can wear a tuxedo for formal dinners, formal dances or any invitation which states that the dress code is formal. If an invitation says that a black tie is optional then it is to be assumed that you have to wear a tuxedo. Hence, wear your tuxedo properly and grab the attention of everyone.