7 Footwear To Team Up With Salwar Kamiz

Footwear To Team Up With Salwar Kamiz

Salwar kamiz is a very common and popular ethnic attire in Indian sub-continents. It can be simple, trendy or gorgeous depending on the occasion.You can wear it both,  as casual or formal.  But apart from outfit another important accessory which can define your personality is, your footwear.

If you dressed in super cool outfit but your shoes doesn’tcomplement it , you will look cheesy. Right pair of footwear not only looks stylish but also is a reflection of your personality. But many of us don’t know what kind of footwear we need to team up for salwar kamiz.

So we are giving you some  tips which will complement your salwar kamiz and give a new dimension to your fashion mantra as well.

Best Shoes to wear with Salwar Kameez

1. Flat slipper

Flat shoes, Punjabi juti and un-doubtedly kolhapuri chappal looks awesome with both Patiala and churidar(types of salwar kamiz). You can have these shoes in different colours or design. They are light and soft,  so easy to use daily.If you are wearing a glittering gorgeous salwar kamiz , don’t worry you even can get a pair of gorgeous golden or silver adorned shoe as the variation and collection of such shoes are huge.  But make sure don’t wear too long salwar it not only will creates disturbance in walking time but also get dirty if it gets curled up under your feet.

Flat slipper

2. Pencil/High Heels

If you want look tall and thin,  High heels or pencil heels will be first preference. Heels can go well with any type of  salwar kamiz. Churidar looks elegant with heels, for churidar defines the outlines of your body and legs as well, and heels gives you right length, so you look taller. Heels also complement Patiala or loose salwar as these type of salwar gives you a short and bulky shape.

High Heels

3. Stilettos

Stilettos looks trendy with churidar. It’s a party footwear, so with stilettos you can get a hot and fashionable look can steal the attention of many.

4. Ballerinas

It is a flat shoe, a kind of Punjabi juti. You can have them in different emblishment and colour to match with favouritte salwar kamiz. Its fashionable and comfortable so you can get double benefit with Ballerinas.


5. Flip-Flop Slippers

Flip-flop slippers looks pretty with salwar kamiz, its simple and easy to wear so you can use it for daily use. Open toe slippers can also be an option for summer time as it will reduce sweat.

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6. Platform Heel

Platform heels also look fashionable with salwar kamiz. Specially with patialas platform heels look attractive.But keep in mind that platform heels doesn’t go well with every type of salwar kamiz.

7. Some Other Tips

Apart from the above tips, we would like to suggest some more ideas on selecting footwear which will help you to complete your look in salwar kamiz,

• While wearing heels with salwar kamiz its better to pick up the open toe heels and if you prefer closed shoes then
kolhapuri chappals or jutis are the best options.

• Golden, brown, bronze colour shoes go well with most of the colours of salwar kamiz. A pair of red slippers also
look trendy if worn in contrast with your outfit.

Some Other Tips

• Make sure your shoes are not too much shiny or made of patent leather, then attention from your outfit will divert
to your shoes only, which is odd.

• Make sure you don’t wear too much heels with churidar because it will be noticible, and look cheesy that you are
giving effort to look tall.

• Salwar kamiz is more traditional and girlish type of outfit so avoid sports shoes , heavy lace-up sandals or boots.

• Last but not the least, Comfort and right attitude are most essential part of fashion if you wear extremely trendyand stylist footwear but don’t feel comfortable or don’t able to carry them right away,  all your effort will go in vain.