Foods That Help Heal Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids refer to small growths that are usually of two types. Internal hemorrhoids are usually painless and can be found in the anal or rectum region. External hemorrhoids, on the other hand, occur under the anus skin and are extremely painful. Symptoms of both these hemorrhoids include constipation, itching, rectal pain, difficulty in passing stool and bleeding. In most cases, hemorrhoids are usually caused by factors such as pregnancy, age, and a low fiber diet.

Experts say that the right diet that can play an important role in reducing constipation and other the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. Additionally, you need to drink loads of water. In this article, we will point out a list of foods that will help to heal hemorrhoids.

Best Foods That Help Heal Hemorrhoids

Whole Grain Foods

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, you must include whole grain foods in your diet. This is because whole grains are rich in fiber. Fiber makes the stool soft, thus making it easier for the rectum canal to pass it.

Whole Grain

If your current diet includes refined grains that include instant rice and enriched white bread, we suggest you to replace these foods with whole wheat products. Over time, these foods will help you to enjoy relief from hemorrhoids.


Including yogurt in your diet can be a good way to get rid of hemorrhoids. Yogurt contains good bacteria that strengthen your immunity system and help to improve your overall digestive function.


This fact is also corroborated by University of Maryland Medical Center that states that good bacteria can reduce or prevent hemorrhoids. You can make the most of the benefits offered by yogurt by including it in your daily diet.

Fruits And Vegetables

Apart from whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables are also excellent sources of fiber. For this reason, it is crucial to include these in your diet as well. Start by consuming fiber rich vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, cabbage and peas.

Fruits And Vegetables

You can also include colorful fruits such as apples, oranges and peaches in your eating plan. For best results, opt for fruits that can be eaten with their skin (the skin contains good fiber). Examples include pear and apple.


Including legumes such as peas, lentils and beans in your diet is essential. Apart from being great sources of iron, protein and B vitamins, they contain high fiber as well. So, if you are suffering from hemorrhoids, legumes can help you in reducing your discomfort greatly.


Consider the fact that if you are a woman, you need to consume 25 grams of fiber daily, whereas if you are a man, consuming 38 grams is essential. Apart from these above mentioned varieties of legumes, you can also consider eating chilly beans, chickpeas, and black beans.

Flax Oil

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, using flax oil for preparing your dishes can be a great idea. You can pour it over salads or use it for stir frying vegetables.

Flax Oil

Studies reveal that flax oil reduces symptoms of constipation, softens the stool and also allows you to pass in a comfortable manner. However, consider the fact that flax oil is high in calories and therefore, you should not consume more than 1 or 2 teaspoons of oil every day.

Heal hemorrhoids with the help of these foods.

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