Foods Can Help Increase The Libido

Female Libido No one can actually be satisfied with their sex lives. A little more is always desirable. But with such hectic schedules, deadly deadlines and little time for family life the plans of spicing up sex life take a back seat.

A lot of people also complain of low sex drive and pop pills after to pills to get “cure” themselves.

Foods For Increase The Libido

Why natural foods better than pills?

Consuming such pills over the counter is harmful and it most certainly burns a big hole in your pocket. Popping pills without a prescription can be extremely dangerous to organs like liver and kidney in long term.

Calcium Rich Foods

The biggest mistake probably we do is taking our Mother Nature for granted, especially when “such” needs arise. There are a few foods that are present in your kitchen that would help you “spice up” your sex life, quite literally.These foods or aphrodisiacs as they are famously known as are easy available and don’t have any side effects if consumed appropriately.

You would wonder how these would work to help increase your sexual drive. While there is no scientific evidence to prove that how effective a particular food can be, aphrodisiac are known to influence the brain cells to increase flow of blood to sex organs.

Which Spices Are Said To Be Libido Enhancing?

Few spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, hot pepper etc are known to increase a person’s libido by raising body’s temperature, perking up heart beat of a person and enhance flow of blood.

Saffron which is one of most expensive spices is famous for its ability to amplify sensation of pleasure; a small pinch of saffron in milk at night has a relaxing and helps alleviating mood. Nutmeg a conventional Chinese aphrodisiac is said to turn on men.

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Which Fruits You Should Include To Improve Your Sex Life?

Exotic fruits like Avocado, strawberry are full of vitamins A, C & E . These vitamins are known to increase sexual desire and increase stamina. Bananas which are rich in potassium and Riboflavin boosts person’s over all energy.

Rich Foods

Pineapple eaten in correct dose supposedly cures impotence. Inhale a slice of lemon to relax your senses. Figs, rich in fibre, improve overall blood circulation making sure that blood reaches all vital organs. Pomegranate which is rich in antioxidants also has similar properties.

Should I Increase My Intake Of Nuts, Eggs, Oysters And Honey My Everyday Diet?

Nuts like Almonds which are rich in fatty acids are required to enhance blood circulation and pop up a handful in case you are facing mild erectile dysfunction. Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, which keeps sperms healthy and protects them from radical damage.

Eggs eaters celebrate not only it is rich source of protein it keeps stress at bay and keep hormones in check. Love to eat chocolate?  Eat some more before getting busy in between the sheets; it is supposed to increase sensitivity of the body while giving you a feel of high.

Sea food lover are you? Dig into more Oysters which are rich in zinc, helps in sperm production. Honey is another major aphrodisiac which is known to boost testosterone levels in blood.All these libido boosting foods are readily available and do not have any side effect if consumed in moderate amounts.