Flirting Body Language Of A Woman

Flirting Body Language Of A Woman  Just like dating, flirting is quite a new concept on the block and a trend not only among men but equally among women. However, healthy flirting is an acceptable term in the society due to increase in modernization. But the confusing part here is that there is a very thin line between flirting and being interested. A lot of times people get confused whether the person approaching them is a flirt or genuinely interested.

For this you should really have knowledge about the signs of flirting. There are some general rules and signs that apply to flirty men and women. This is also valid on the body language of the person.

Body language is one of the most significant ways to know the flirting scene of a woman. Where healthy flirting is concerned, it can also be one of the paths to approach a guy whom you would further want to date in the near future.

The flirting body language of a woman is important for a man as well as a woman to know. This will help a woman to flirt in the right manner without looking desperate and a man to know that she is interested. Check this list of body language tips that a woman should apply while flirting-

Tips of Body Language of Flirty Women

The Magic of Fingers

Fingers of a woman play a very important role when it comes to flirting body language. You can actually use them to play with your hair or even simply touch them to get the attention of the guy.

Flirting Body Language Of A Woman

However, the speed with which you run your fingers will also determine your nature. The slow movements are the actual art to flirt rather than quick one which can mean an impatient behavior.

According to researches, if you simply run your fingers on the edge of the glass it means that you are looking for a sexual intimacy with the partner. So try and learn these simple suggestions for proper flirting with your date.

The Importance of Touch

Any woman who is looking towards successful flirting with a guy should know the skills of touch and physical contact. It should neither be over the top that will make you look like a desperate and neither should it be such that he feels you are not interested at all.

Touch of any kind will make him realize that you are interested for a further relationship. Some examples are grabbing him, bumping into him and even finding excuses to touch you.

The Lips

Again, one of the most sensual parts of a woman’s body is her lips and she can make good use of it to attract the attention of her guy. You can use a simple tip like wetting your lips from time to time to give him hints that you are interested and want to kiss him.

Flirting Body Language Of A Woman

Biting the lips can either make him feel that you are nervous or may be getting flirty with him with in a healthy way.

The Language of Legs

Crossing your leg can be one of the signs to somewhat pass on the idea that you like him. The feet should be pointing towards the guy if you want to learn the right way of flirty body language.