Five Natural Cures For AIDS

AIDS AIDS is a disease that is feared by all as it can have fatal results for 90 percent of the patients afflicted by it. However, before an individual reaches the final stages of AIDS there is a chance of survival after they are diagnosed HIV+ by the respective doctors. HIV+ patients can help themselves to lead a normal life by contacting the right sources to heal them and put them back into normalcy.

Medicines recommended by doctors is obviously the most preferred source of treating an HIV+ survivor but there are natural cures available that can help such patients get the needed healing or rather defense mechanism to keep the disease from growing up into a full blown AIDS disease which is in maximum cases fatal for the individual.

In this article, we shall talk about a few natural cures that have been tested under Government approved programs and accepted as cures for patients suffering from AIDS.

Natural Cures To Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

Before the human immunodeficiency virus which can infect a person through sexual contact or through contact with infected blood or through a mother to fetus goes on to create havoc in the affected person’s life it is better to search for conventional and alternative therapy which can be combined under neuropathic treatment program to provide the necessary impetus to their overall well being. Five of the important natural treatments followed under the program are mentioned below as follows:

Herbal Medicine 

The HIV virus can spread and lead to full grown AIDS which is fatal to the affected individual. However, through the process of giving herbal medicines to people affected with HIV or AIDS it has been observed that there has been improvement in the performance of the immune system as a whole.

St. John’s Wart

Through herbal medicines namely isatis, St. John’s wort, curcumin etc. infected patients have noticeably improved their immune system performance as well as weakened the AIDS virus in spreading further inside the body. Apart from herbal medicines helping patients deter the onset of severe AIDS these medicines also help curb the side effects of conventional medicines which are quite strong to disturb the balanced beneficial bacteria in the intestines which are needed to fight off any kind of diseases.

Nutritional Therapy

The word nutritional implies provision of nutritional supplements along with a combination of effective diet that can help the patients survive the impact of the virus to a large extent. Fresh and organic green leafy vegetables, whole grains and other foods with antioxidant property can help HIV infected people to manage their immune system better.

Green Vegetables

Vitamic A, C, B6 and others are great supplements for such patients and if they follow a meal pattern wherein they have meals in smaller portions throughout the day then their chances of survival increases by leaps and bounds.

Therapies For Spirit And Body

The spirit of an individual is what gets affected intensely when he/she gets to know that HIV has infected their system. In order to keep one’s mental and physical balance intact certain therapy sessions are conducted to help the patients regain their composure through techniques like support groups, guided imagery, neuro-linguistic programming, and spirituality etc. All of these techniques help the individual to reduce stress and build the strength of the immune system significantly.

Acupuncture/Acupressure/Body Massage


Traditional therapies such as acupuncture and acupressure as well as body massaging can help the experts restore the flow of energy within the body of the patients which is related to the physical and mental balance of the respective affected individuals. Body massage is also a great way to improve the immune system and to relieve muscle tightness and soreness.



Smell often plays a significant part in the overall process of reducing stress and mental burden and so over the years aromatherapy has become such an important supportive method to heal patients of the anguish that they have to deal with on an everyday basis due to the onset of several side effects of the virus and the conventional medicines they need to have to stop the spread of the virus.

AIDS or its initial hiccup which is the HIV virus can be infected by various ways and so firstly everyone should be made aware of the normal circumstances under which the virus can enter or attack your body. But for people who have already been infected with the virus it is important to be aware that having a positive state of mind and opting for supportive therapy and natural cures can be a great way to improve their immunity and defense mechanism to fight off the virus