Five Fashionable Collars For Women

Fashionable Collars For Women

A collar is a kind of band around a person’s neck. There are many kinds of collars which can be worn by women. Some of these are just for formal occasions and some are for both formal and casual. One should always choose her dress with collar depending on the occasion. These days a huge variety and cuts are available for women collars. All of these look extremely chic and classy. A woman should always try new and different collars.

Latest Fashionable Collors

1. Mandarin or Chinese Collar

Mandarin collar is short and stands up erect. Mandarin collar style is an unfolded collar style. Mandarin collar is not very long and thus, gives an extremely elegant and classy look. Mandarin collar styles are available in shirts, suits and jackets for women. This collar style usually gives a formal look.

Earlier in was popular among the western outfits only but these days it is teamed up with traditional outfits to give an indo- western look. The term ‘mandarin collar’ is also used in context of shirts having a flat finishing around the neckline. The most popular example of mandarin collar is the Nehru jacket which used to be worn by the earlier Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

It is often referred to as Nehru collar. These days mandarin collars are also detachable, that is, they can be attached to the garment if a person wants to wear it otherwise it can be detached from the garment. Mandarin collar gives a very pleasing and different look to the onlookers. Hence, if you have never tried out wearing shirts with this collar, you must try it.

2. Chelsea Collar

A Chelsea collar is collar which is styled like a cape and is hanging over a woman’s shoulders. This collar style is very commonly worn by women. It gives a very girlish look. Chelsea collar shirts can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. These days a large variety of dresses are also available with these collars.

Garments with this collar usually have a V neckline. Various colors and styles are available in shirts and dresses in the Chelsea collar garments option. A woman simply needs to pick up the one which suits the best. A woman should always try and opt for those shirts with bright colors but the collars are a neutral shade or vice versa.

3. Wing Collar

Wing collars are stiff and erect shirt collars with corners that can be turned down. Wing collars are so called because the collar tips of such collars resemble the wings of a bird. A wing collar shirt is strictly worn as a garment for formal occasions.

Many women wear a coat over these shirts to give a more formal appearance. This is a very smart outfit to be worn for any formal event. This is very common these days as it is worn by most women who prefer western formal wear. The wing collar shirts give a very classic appearance.

4. Peter Pan Collar

Peter pan collar is a flat round collar which has rounded ends that meet in the front. It is very common and has been in fashion for very long. These collars are very popular among the dresses of women. This collar needs a special mention as it gives the maximum girly effect. It is one of the few collars which look extremely feminine and nice. A sweet smile with this collar dresses enhances the beauty of a woman.

5. Shawl Collar

A shawl collar is a type of rounded garment with a V neckline that extends over the chest and ends near the waist. A shirt with a shawl collar looks very smart and also gives a very trendy look. These days shirts and jackets are knitted with these collars. They look different yet nice. A shawl collar is very much in fashion and can be worn for casual or semi casual occasions.

A different collar is one thing that will definitely catch the onlooker’s attention.  Hence, a woman should always keep trying new collars rather than sticking to just one or two of her favorites. Once you start trying new collar styles you tend to realize that there are a lot of other styles which suit you better and make you look different every time. A woman should always be open to options and trying on a new style. One should always keep experimenting with the new designs that are available in the market. Always try to keep it simple yet different and you will realize the difference by yourself.