Fashion Tips To Wear A White Dress

Fashion Tips To Wear A White Dress Wearing white can be risky at times, especially for work or important meetings. White dress, shirt and pants when worn can become seeing through or even get stained.

Wearing white needs a lot of maintenance and one has to be very careful not to stain or wet it. However, with a few easy to follow tips, you can wear white and be carefree as you wear any other color.

How To Wear A White Dress

Choose Comfortable Fabrics

Choosing white sheer and mesh can be very risky. If the fabric gets wet, it becomes transparent and you might have to face an embarrassing situation.

Fashion Tips To Wear A White Dress

Instead, go for white thick or mix cottons and make sure there is already a double layer of cloth in the dress especially in breast and lower area. You could choose a white lace dress to look vintage chic.

Layer It Up

White is such a versatile color that allows a lot of layering with jackets, scarves and shirts. Wear a denim shirt over your favorite white dress or throw over a black or a beige formal jacket in case of meetings for work. You could even try wearing a scarf over your white dress in any color and look fabulous.

Color Blocking

The latest trend of color blocking seems to have solved all the fashion dillemas! Color block your white dress with bright color accessories like neon necklace, pop color earrings and bracelets, funky colorful belts and hot pink shoes.

Fashion Tips To Wear A White Dress

Do not overdo the color as this will take away the soft look of the white dress. Choose one or two colors with a necklace, jacket or scarf and make your look interesting.

Wear A skirt Over A White Dress

Wear a full or a knee length skirt over a white dress and make it turn in to an interesting outfit. Complement your look with a pretty bag and ankle length boots.

Wear A Belt

Wear a belt on your white dress to add a touch of chic to your look. Choose the belt according to your body type and dress and wear it the way you think it will accentuate your curves the best.

Fashion Tips To Wear A White Dress

Wear a nude or neutral color for work whereas wear a pop or neon color for casual outings.

Bib Necklaces And Collars

Wear a bib necklace or a collar in metallic and neon shades and change the look of your dress. If you are wearing a collared dress, then wear your necklace from underneath your collar for a peek-a-boo effect. Invest in some good neon, pop and metallic neckpieces and collars to jazz up any of your outfit.

Wear A Pendant Or A Brooch

Wear a pendant or a brooch on your sleeve or any of the side of your dress. This will not change the look of your dress but will definitely make your look interesting and give a ‘Style Diva’ like impression of you.

Choose pendants or brooches in shapes like heart, flowers and triangles in various colors and styles. You can wear a pendant with the help of a safety pin and let the pin show for a dash of added style.